Fuji TV Tournament Brackets

As we announced last weekend, the 44th Annual Grand Sumo Tournament is being held this Sunday, covered on Fuji TV. The Makuuchi and Juryo brackets have been released. Pride + $100,000 purse is on the line!

Since this is not a honbasho, there are unique rules in place for this event. It is a single day tournament with a knock-out structure. Also, there is no prohibition against stablemates fighting. That quirk is of particular interest this go round because if Enho and Hakuho win their first bouts, they will face each other. Giddy Up!

Aside from the bouts, you can sample chanko and there are several events that will make for an entertaining afternoon. They’ve lined up a shokkiri routine and a few exhibition bouts between retired wrestlers, including former Aminishiki, Kotooshu, and Kyokutenho.

Makuuchi Bracket

Makuuchi Tournament Bracket

The tournament uses the Hatsubasho banzuke for its seeding, so wrestlers who were in makuuchi will participate in the makuuchi bracket, regardless of their performance in January. Yusho winner Tokushoryu will face Ikioi in the first round. The winner of that bout will face Takarafuji in the second round. For the Enho/Hakuho bout to happen, Hakuho will have to beat Meisei, who had a terrible January, going kyujo for the last week after a 1-6 start. Enho will have beat the winner of the Kotoeko/Sadanoumi bout.

For those unfamiliar with the kanji, I’ve paired the shikona with the numbers used in the brackets.

Romaji Shikona Legend for Makuuchi Bracket

Juryo Bracket

Juryo Bracket

On the Juryo side of the house, the two kyujo wrestlers are Tomokaze and Irodori, meaning there are only two “play-in” bouts for the first round. Terunofuji is in one of those play-in bouts against Sakigake who will be heading back to Makushita in Osaka. Ichinojo is participating and may face Terunofuji in the third round.

Juryo Bracket Legend

Take a look at the brackets and see if there are any bouts (or possible bouts) you’d like to see. Endo against Daishoho will be cool but isn’t likely as they’d have to make the finals. A third round Shohozan/Myogiryu bout could be very entertaining. I would like to see Ichinojo against Terunofuji but I’m not entirely confident Ichinojo will escape his first bout against Wakatakakage, despite winning during the Hatsubasho.

11 thoughts on “Fuji TV Tournament Brackets

    • Check mbovosumo on twitch. I read on sumoforum that the televising starts with makuuchi dohyo-iri at 14:30 JST, which is 9:30 pm Sat on US west coast..

  1. Ichinojo v Terunofuji. Make it happen!

    This post is also a good exercise on reading the names. I’m still under 50% although I’ve learned some work-arounds like “It’s one kanji and it isn’t Kagayaki (cos I know that one) so it must be Ikioi”.

      • It certainly looks like the name should end with -umi; that’s the way all the other wrestlers I know use that kanji. I believe he took his name to honour Aqua World, an aquarium in his hometown. The aquarium uses katakana script for its name but that wouldn’t be an option for our boy.


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