Intai Watch: Takekaze Danpatsushiki

Takekaze’s haircut ceremony was hosted yesterday at Kokugikan. Throngs of his fans showed up to support the new Oshiogawa-Oyakata, and to cheer him on as he battled his eldest son.

Aside from the main event, fans get to come see their favorite wrestlers…

watch shokkiri…

…and even exhibition bouts, including this one between the Yokozunae which we did not get to enjoy during the honbasho. Keep in mind, this is an exhibition event so, yeah, that’s a pretty soft win there, Hakuho. I may be reading too much into an exhibition bout but it seems to me Hakuho didn’t want to be the one to lose.

In the main event, however, fans saw a host of special guests and people important to Takekaze…I mean Oshiogawa-oyakata…take turns taking a snip. This particular snip was taken by his eldest son.

Snip by snip the chonmage was cut away until finally, it was cut off and put in a box for safe-keeping, and presumably to give the home that sumo hair smell, like potpourri in the bathroom.

Farewell, Takekaze-zeki. Welcome, Oshiogawa-oyakata.

5 thoughts on “Intai Watch: Takekaze Danpatsushiki

  1. I’ve been very teary today watching all the various clips on Twitter- these ceremonies are usually very emotional at the best of times but when they involve your faves then look out. Seeing my Yago with his beloved senpai did me right in! A wonderful tribute for a deserving Takekaze 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙏🏻💐😭♥️

  2. Is there a secondary market in bunches of a rikishi’s intai hair?

    I’d like to think there would be a bustling scene in such souvenirs amongst the sumo otaku niche of Japanese society!

      • The best part about running a bootleg rikishi hair scam is that when you are caught you can sell the rights to your story and get at-least two seasons on Netflix out of it.

    • Lower-division rikishi frequently get their (one and only) oicho-mage from the retirement ceremony placed in a nice display case as a going-away present from the heya. I’m not sure if that’s common for sekitori as well, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


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