ex-Takamisakari Becomes New Azumazeki-oyakata

Azumazeki beya has been in a state of limbo since the sudden passing of its leader, the former Ushiomaru, in December of last year. Takamisakari stepped into the role on an interim basis which has now become official. At the time he was a coach in the stable under the name Furiwake. Now he is Azumazeki-oyakata.

5 thoughts on “ex-Takamisakari Becomes New Azumazeki-oyakata

  1. Hopefully they can hook Kakuryu up with the Izutsu kabu and they can bring that stable out of limbo too.

    • It would be an excellent idea, but as far as I know he hasn’t applied for Japanese nationality. He is also married to a Mongolian woman, which might be significant. I would think that he’s more likely to use his status and fortune to make a difference back home. He always struck me as a smart guy so wouldn’t be surprised if he made a impact in business or politics.

      • I heard a rumor saying that he expressed a wish to apply for it sometime last year. The Widow of Izutsu also hinted at “someone reviving the heya soon” in her notification of the heya’s closure. There is nobody else to revive the heya if they take only the kabu and have nothing to do with its tradition, so I took that to mean that she was expecting Kakuryu to do something about it.

        The wife issue mostly affects the period of time it takes for it to go through. Sokokurai has a wife back in Inner Mongolia, and his application took about two years to go through.

        In the past Kakuryu said he was not going back to Mongolia but will join a family member over in America to help with his business. This may have been before he was married, though. If he doesn’t stay in the sumo world, it will be a great loss, because he seems to be a gifted teacher. Looks like anybody having connection with him makes great strides – Abi, Irodori, Kiribayama, Shodai, Gokushindo, Shohoryu…

  2. The best result for all involved, I guess. He’s had time to ease into the role during the former Azumazeki’s medical absence prior to his death.


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