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The Nihon Sumo Kyokai has reported that Yokozuna Hakuho has pulled out of the Hatsu Basho. This withdrawal comes on the heels of consecutive losses to Endo and Myogiryu. While the reasoning for Hakuho going kyujo is unknown at this time, the Yokozuna has had a recent history of nagging injuries to his toes and arm which may have been aggravated during his early losses to the aforementioned Maegashira Rikishi. Tachiai will continue to update this story as news develops.

As a result of Hakuho going Kyujo, his Day 4 opponent Hokutofuji will receive a fusensho win.

Update: According to Miyagino Oyakata, the reason for Hakuho’s withdrawal is cellulitis in his right heel. Miyagino stated that Hakuho suffered damage to his heel prior to the banzuke announcement, which subsequently became infected, causing a fever last night. This cellulitis infection is coupled with an injury to his hip/lower back area that he sustained during his match with Endo on Day 2.


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  1. and with both yokozuna out, a ‘japanese’ yusho winner becomes manyfold more likely
    no shortage of people perfectly happy with that

    even including that dai yokozuna is also japanese now


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