Day 1 Torikumi Posted!

The bouts for Sunday are up, so we can get excited about the Hatsu basho in earnest! The only pre-tournament withdrawal in the top two divisions is West Maegashira 3 Kotoyuki. I haven’t seen any news as to what might have caused “The Penguin” to pull out, or how long he might be absent.

Select Sunday matchups

Komusubi Abi Maegashira #4 Okinoumi
Maegashira #3 Tamawashi Sekiwake Takayasu
Sekiwake Asanoyama Maegashira #2 Mitakeumi
Maegashira #2 Hokutofuji Ozeki Goeido
Ozeki Takakeisho Maegashira #1 Myogiryu
Maegashira #1 Endo Yokozuna Kakuryu
Yokozuna Hakuho Komusubi Daieisho

Some exciting bouts to kick off the tournament. I’m especially looking forward to Asanoyama vs. Mitakeumi, Endo vs. Kakuryu, and the rematch between Hakuho and the only rikishi he lost to in November, Daieisho.

9 thoughts on “Day 1 Torikumi Posted!

  1. Odd to see Mitakeumi going into his day one bout as the junior rank after so long in the sanyaku, especially with Asanoyama as the senior.

    • Also odd that one of the two, who both must be on the list of pre-tournament yusho favorites, is guaranteed a loss on Day 1.

  2. Rotten luck for Kotoyuki, who was showing his best form in years. I suppose that those lucky people with ringside cushions will breath a little easier in the absence of the stage-diving behemoth.

    I see Wakatakakage is on the day 1 juryo schedule, which is great news as long as he isn’t rushing it.

  3. This is a really fun looking day 1. And that hahuko chance to avenge last tournaments loss, I like that they did that on the first day.

    Here’s hoping both Yokozuna make it to day 15

  4. I know it’s thew way Ranking is done. Match ups always depend on what Rank you are. However I almost feeling like they are giving away 3 big matches on Day 1.

    Mitakeumi Vs Asanoyaya. This is basically a Grudge match with Asa Occupying the spot Mitake has been in for what feels like forever.

    Goeido Vs Hokotofuji – If Goeido is healthy this is going to be a lighting-bolt of a match. With Wildman Hokotofuji Vs the speed and Tech of Goeido.

    Tamawashi Vs Takayasu. With Taka looking to regain Ozeki and Tama being the solid pushing Rikishi he is. This could be a Brutal match. Also if I’m not mistaking and I could be. Isn’t Tamawashi the one that Hurt Takayasu’s arm that lead to him losing his Ozeki rank in the long run?

    • Yep, it was Tamawashi who inflicted the injury. I gotta think Takayasu blanched when he saw who he had to start the tourney off with.

  5. Takayasu vs. Tamawashi should tell a lot about his chances of regaining his ozeki rank. Not just the result, but the quality of his sumo.
    I’m also looking forward to Takarafuji vs. Enho, for obvious reasons.


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