Asanoyama Keiko With Araiso-oyakata

As Herouth noted yesterday, Asanoyama was not exactly thrilled to receive an invitation to join Tagonoura-beya for degeiko (出稽古) or keiko outside of one’s own heya. Perhaps the risk of kawaigari with the former yokozuna was a bit less scary than the idea of kawaigari with the current dai-yokozuna, so Asanoyama did make the trip.

Welcome to Tagonoura-beya!

I digress, but for those going to Tokyo or in Tokyo, Asanoyama’s stable, Takasago, is in a great location for a visit. I LOVE THIS PLACE. I could just walk around these areas for days. Oh, wait, I actually do that whenever I’m there. It is a bit of a hike from Ryogoku station, between Ryogoku and Kinshicho of the Sobu Line and the Asakusa Line’s Honjo-Azumabashi station. Ryogoku is the station that is home to Kokugikan. Honjo-Azumabashi is in between Sky Tree (Oshiage) and Asakusa (home of the Kaminarimon Gate). Honjo-Azumabashi is on the side of the river with the big unchi, otherwise known as the headquarters of Asahi beer.

Maybe Asanoyama went with the longer trip?

So in his case it may have made more sense for Asanoyama and his entourage to go from Kinshicho, and take the Sobu line up to Koiwa…or get someone to drive them. I favor the idea of a bunch of sumo wrestlers on the train, especially if Asanoyama wanted to delay his punishment.

At least Araiso seems to have had fun, judging by the maniacal laughter while Asanoyama lies, defeated, on the dohyo behind him. The former Yokozuna took 16 of their 17 bouts. While Takayasu was available, the opposing sekiwake opted for butsukari with Asanoyama rather than doing any bouts. This worries me because if Takayasu isn’t ready for keiko bouts against a sekiwake — a week before the honbasho — he won’t be ready to win 10 of 15 real bouts against 1) a pair of Yokozuna with something to prove, 2) two desperate ozeki hoping to maintain their status, and, 3) a half-dozen up-and-comers gunning for his place.

6 thoughts on “Asanoyama Keiko With Araiso-oyakata

  1. epic photo, beautiful
    thank you

    yah, takayasu in trouble
    hoping he’ll drop out sooner to get better medical treatment and necessary rest, coming back as strong as possible to extend his career (as in ‘learn from mistakes of your senpai, bro’)

    • Supposedly 20 kg. I’m really baffled by the results of these practice sessions. Kisenosato used to dominate Takayasu in them even after his injury, but then seem completely defenseless against maegashira opponents in the basho, while Takayasu was fighting at Ozeki level. And now, over a year retired, and having lost a lot of weight, he is dominating Asanoyama?

      • I don’t imagine you get invited to a Yokozuna’s house and then kick his butt. I think it was a great learning opportunity but I’m not going to presume the Yokozuna would do as well if he mounted the dohyo on Sunday.

        • That’s my feeling as well—cultural deference means the “results” are to be taken with a Terutsuyoshi quantity of salt.

  2. Nice to the see the former Kisenosato with a smile on his face. Not sure whether he’s taken off weight, but that smile and haircut takes years off his age.


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