Rikishi Back on Social Media?

After the most recent tempest in a chawan (teacup 茶碗), sumo wrestlers pulled back from social media. I was happy to see a few have returned to social media. The posts so far have been quite tame…which is a good thing. An active, non-controversial social media presence is more than a way to connect with fans; it would be a great source of income for a heya, rikishi, or the Kyokai itself. Quick and subtle advertising for supporting restaurants and businesses will hopefully allow us another glimpse into the life of rikishi with some lesson learned regarding appropriate content.

Maybe my new shikona will be Chawan’arashi? It’s kinda fun to stir the pot every so often…so long as it’s sumo-related, right?

4 thoughts on “Rikishi Back on Social Media?

  1. This is why I only follow people who post in a language I can’t understand. All the pretty pictures, none of the opinions.

  2. Maybe now the “DAYS WITHOUT SCANDAL” counter will go away :) Too much of a tabloid feel for me, but i’m just a causal/occasional reader


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