Winter Jungyo: 12/1-12/5

Fuyu Jungyo: First Four Dates

Winter Jungyo began on December 1. As is usual, the winter Jungyo will travel around Kyushu, ending in Okinawa. This Jungyo is not as much of a long, winding tour as has been the case in past. With 11 dates in 10 locations, it is much shorter than the Spring and Summer trips which often span a whole month, hitting around twenty-five tour sites.

The tour kicked off in Nogata with both Yokozuna, as Kakuryu’s back was feeling better. I have had back spasms before to where I can’t move for a couple of days…the cause, in both cases, was picking up my son. The funny thing is, he’s 10 now and weighs virtually nothing. Back then he was a tiny baby, always below the 5th percentile. Moral of the story is, take care of your back. I hope the Yokozuna and Ichinojo are able to recuperate. Sadly, we have a dwindling contingent of banged up (former) Ozeki. The only one to show up for Jungyo has been Takakeisho, and that comes with an asterisk, as Herouth reported. Herouth’s kyujo list grew a few days later with the addition of Kotoshogiku…but Takayasu was back to practicing as his arm is totally fine.

Nogata lies on the outskirts of Kita-Kyushu, the city at the northern tip of Kyushu. Herouth found this amazing video of practice bout between Enho and Shohozan. These two are a very entertaining pair so I hope this rivalry will last several years, though Shohozan has already been in Makuuchi for the better part of the last eight years.

For the next stop, Jungyo crossed the Kanmon Strait back to the main island of Honshu for an event in Shimonoseki, two days later. Perhaps the wrestlers needed an extra day to tour the Higashida Museum Park in Kita-Kyushu? Surely no more sightseeing time as the troupe hopped back down to the southern side of Kumamoto on the 4th and back up to Fukuoka prefecture on the 5th.

2 thoughts on “Winter Jungyo: 12/1-12/5

  1. Talking of picking up children, imagine Ichinojo’s mom picking up baby Ichinojo and walking around all day. She must have legs like tree trunks and a back that you can break stone with. If she gets into sumo, everybody watch out.

  2. That was a slick little combo Shohozan used. I found that much more entertaining than the simple pummeling he seems to enjoy dishing out during the basho.

    To practice kimarite calling, do we score that as an Uwatenage? Not sure there was enough pulling to make it an Uwatedashinage.

    I think the foot sweep is a kekaeshi, but not the winning move, so wouldn’t be scored that way.

    Straighten up to bring the feet closer, sweep the foot, and pull a bit while twisting out of the way and hitting the throw. Shohozan might discover he likes this style!


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