Kyushu Dohyo Matsuri

Saturday morning in Fukuoka, the dohyo for the 2019 Kyushu basho was consecrated and made ready for the tournament. Below, some photos of the event from the Sumo Association’s twitter feed.

The basho is now just a few hours from starting – can’t hardly wait!

Sumo Elders…
Rikishi from the named ranks
Ozeki & Yokozuna

2 thoughts on “Kyushu Dohyo Matsuri

  1. Wow. Those are some oyakata hairstyles

    Looks like Furiwake is growing his back out. Interesting mohawk look from the guy next to him.

    Glad Shikihide represents for those of us who have done the right thing

    • Dignity and class Josh. Combovers, mullets, perms, or any of the other ill-conceived ideas fool no one.


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