Kyushu Banzuke Posted!

The ranking sheet for November’s Grand Sumo tournament has been posted to the Sumo Association’s web site. Wow! Sadly many many good prognositcators will be shattered to see FOUR Komusubi this time out.

  • Quad Pack at Komusubi: Abi, Endo, Hokutofuji, Asanoyama
  • Tomokaze keeps his rank in spite of a losing record. Can he bounce back and show us his better sumo?
  • Kotoyuki rockets higher to Maegashira 4. Can the penguin keep his cool?
  • Enho all the way up to Maegashira 6 – Fire pixie is a serious rikishi in the top division.
  • Yutakayama continues his climb back to contender, up to Maegashira 9
  • Injured Ichinojo drops to Maegashira 12.
  • Onami brother Wakatakakage makes his top division debut. Looking forward to hearing Raja say that a dozen times in 60 seconds.
  • Ikioi stops the slide, up to Juryo 3. He could find himself back in the top division for New Years with a solid tournament
  • Hoshoryu’s Juryo debut at J13w
  • The Makushita Joi-jin are once again the toughest ranks in sumo, brutal thunder dome of resurgent vets and up and coming talent. Tachiai is watching Chiyootori, Chiyonokuni, Naya, Hakuyozan and yes – Terunofuji
  • Wakaichiro at a career high of Sandanme #35! Nice work

All the details here!

5 thoughts on “Kyushu Banzuke Posted!

  1. Hoping our four Komusubi are inspired and motivated by this stroke of luck and live up to it! i’m kinda nervous about Enho….

  2. Of Tomokaze we can no longer say “never had a make koshi record”, but we can still say “never demoted”.


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