Banzuke Sunday!

Can you feel it? That hint of sumo in the air?

It’s Banzuke Sunday, and the team at Tachiai is milling about, trying to be useful while constantly refreshing the Sumo Kyokai’s banzuke web page. We expect it to be posted in about 6 hours, but that does not prevent us from hitting “reload” every so often.

If you are eagerly awaiting the answer to the banzuke mysteries like we are, why not start by reading lksumo’s forecast?

Check back this afternoon US time for the details. Look for our banzuke podcast on Monday!

2 thoughts on “Banzuke Sunday!

  1. I fear Kotoyuki and Enho may struggle at their higher ranks, but if Ichinojo is fit and healthy this could be a great opportunity for him to launch a yusho bid!


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