Izutsu Oyakata Passes Away

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Izutsu oyakata, the former sekiwake Sakahoko, passed away today in a hospital in Tokyo. He was 58 years old.

Izutsu oyakata was Yokozuna Kakuryu’s stablemaster, and brother of the former sekiwake Terao, now Shikoroyama oyakata.

The Japanese press reports that he was apparently suffering from pancreatic cancer. His condition worsened shortly before the basho and he has been hospitalized since.

In addition to Kakuryu, Izutsu beya includes Sd37 Hagane and Jd8 Kakutaiki. We extend our condolences to his deshi and his family.

17 thoughts on “Izutsu Oyakata Passes Away

  1. Whoa this came out of nowhere. Very sad. Also sad for Izutsu stable, which has been around for over a century, and now looks unlikely to have a future.

  2. Unrelated…? But, Chiyonofuji passed of pancreatic cancer as well… Is it a “common” ailment among sumo wrestlers, a side effect after loosing weight? I am heartbroken.

  3. Somber news, indeed. So terribly sorry to hear. My heart goes out to Izutsu oyakata’s loved ones & friends. And his deshi, including Kakuryu — understandably have to be torn-up inside. Cancer has taken many a loved one from me…and probably some of the commenters and Tachiai Team know that from experience, all to well. I HATE that disease with a PASSION and HOPE, TRULY hope that someone discovers a CURE one day.

  4. Sad News… While nowadays some types of cancer can be healed successfully, it’s still difficult to fight pancreatic cancer (and lung cancer, too). I heard it’s planned the rikishi might move to shikoroyama beya, despite the different ichimon?

    • Given that Shikoroyama oyakata is the late Izutsu’s brother, and was actually a member of Izutsu beya (and Kakuryu’s anideshi), it would make sense to merge them back. The ichimon politics should probably be discussed at a later date.

  5. Such sad news indeed – only a few years older than me too. Condolences to family, friends, and stable family. am very saddened

  6. Knee or not, this is probably the true reason for Kakuryuu’s losses and the kyujo. Always sad to see someone go early.

    • So how do you explain the fact that he started with a series of wins? Izutsu has been hospitalized in worsening condition since before the basho.

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