10 thoughts on “Ichinojo Kyujo

  1. Noooooo! took him longer than usual to get back up after being flattened by Kakuryu (not an easy task in anyone’s book! how on earth do you flip a 227kg boulder !!!) – even Kakuryu looked down at him slightly worried when it was taking time…. Recover well my little pony

  2. Really scared he fractured something when he went down on that elbow. That was a lot of weight to land on a fragile joint. Here’s hoping that the injury isn’t too bad, that he’ll rehab well, and be sound again by Kyushu.

        • Thank you Herouth, saw there was a story in Japanese press.

          Is there something in the rules or customs about “two week” absences? It seems that we often see “two weeks” in the initial medical report, regardless of the severity of injury.

          • I don’t really know. My guess would be that they don’t want to spend more paid sick days than they have to. Or maybe to avoid the restrictions of kyujo (you are not supposed to be seen in public, except hospital etc.), but maybe there is something.

  3. Chiyonofuji came back from shoulder injuries at age 25 to be better than before. Ichi is 26. Here’s hoping he recovers strong. I dislocated my shoulder in April 2006. Spent May and June walking my fingers up the wall and then lifting a can of soup. July I was hiking with a 50lb pack but remember not being at 100%. Maybe Sept started pushups again?

    • Which in the sumo world translates to: Ichinojo participates in the Aki Jungyo, and of course, Kyushu basho.

      Chiyonofuji came back by changing his fighting style. Ichinojo got injured by being heavy. There is not much he can change about his fighting style that will change that. Except lose.


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