Jungyo Newsreel – Day 12

Dohyo consecrated at Koriyama

🌐 Location: Koriyama, Fukushima

Before we go on with the description of the day, here is an update on the state of injuries and returns.

First, on this, day 12, Tochiozan got a nasty cut above his eye and was off the listings for four days, with Aoiyama filling in for him day 12 (it’s customary to have a rikishi do two bouts when something like that happens in Jungyo – there is no fusensho). He was back Day 16.

Other than that, we have two men returning from kyujo. One is Ozeki Tochinoshin, back since day 14, whose state is not really clear. His oyakata says his shoulder is fine, but his knee is still bad, but he is participating in the bouts and even winning them convincingly.

The other is Takagenji – a bit lower profile, admittedly – who joined the Jungyo day 16. That is, just as his big brother Takanofuji-yoshitoshi left it, together with the rest of Juryo.

Indeed, for the Juryo rikishi (and their tsukebito), the Jungyo is over after just 15 days of activity. That is, with the exception of Kyokutaisei and Ichiyamamoto, who are sticking around, because there is an odd number of Makuuchi rikishi at the moment. And of course, the two are Hokkaido men, and the Jungyo is heading up north.

So at least for the Juryo men, the Jungyo workload has been eased considerably. Those of us who wished the Jungyo to be shortened may want to follow up and see if this has any beneficial health effects compared to Makuuchi rikishi.

So now, let’s get down to the business of day 12.

This was a quiet day in Fukushima prefecture. The temperatures hit 34ºC. The radiation meters clicked around 150nSv/h, and rikishi gathered at a modest sports gym in Koriyama. First, to shake some hands.

This being Fukushima, the star of the day is Wakatakakage. However, Toyonoshima seems to get more requests than the poor star.

Inside we go, and everybody is either practicing or stretching. Enho is doing sumo with his tsukebito:

Chiyonoumi is doing his suri-ashi at around the same location:

Here is the “The Making Of” version of this video… It was taken by yobidashi Shigeo, who apparently takes about 80% of the NSK’s photos and videos during Jungyo:

While Hakuho is making sure his tendons are nice and flexible, down on the hana-michi:

Here is a meeting of the two extreme ends of the Makuuchi banzuke:

YE Kakuryu having a laugh with M16W Terutsuyoshi

The Star of the day is given kawaigari by Kotoshogiku:

This is probably because Wakatakakage is actually from the city of Fukushima, so it’s actually the next Jungyo event at that city where he’s going to get some love from the higher-ups (and also where his two brothers join him).

So in the mean time, Kakuryu is practicing his Kawaigari skills with Daieisho:

Other than kawaigari, there was also some practice on the dohyo:

With keiko over, the sekitori leave the main hall to have a shower. Here is how it looks when Hakuho is out into the lobby:

People go mad. Some just want to touch the legend. Others photo. Others will want autographs. With his whole detail of tsukebito and some security, it’s still hard for the man to cross the lobby.

Inside, the shokkiri team makes people laugh. The team has slightly changed – at least, the Takadagawa pair. It’s now Shobushi (sticking around from the previous Jungyo) and Onojo (the off-brand Onosho?):

Well, Onojo certainly looks good in an oicho-mage

While this happens, the tired local hero gets a deserved shampoo and shower:

Mickey Mouse lost an ear?

There’s a guy who looks good wearing anything. On the other hand, we have Chiyomaru, who is hungry and determined to get a katsu-sandwich:

My advice to the round one: Always wear a mawashi, if you’re not in a kimono.

Back in the venue, it’s time for the dohyo-iri. Specifically, the Yokozuna dohyo-iri. And Hakuho’s companions are enjoying a laugh:

Time for the bouts. And talking about Enho… I think we have already established that whenever the shimpan schedule him with Shohozan, it’s going to be something to tell your grandkids about. This is really the highlight of today’s post:


So the musubi-no-ichiban is a bit of an anti-climax. What I find funny about it is that Kakuryu is in a good mood and decides to match Hakuho’s fancy salt throw:

Our pin-up for the day is Myogiryu.

Ouch, though.

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