Day 14 Torikumi Posted

The full slate of bouts is here. A few highlights:

  • Terutsuyoshi steps up to fight M1 Hokutofuji.
  • Kakuryu faces Mitakeumi. The head-to-head is nearly even at 6-5.
  • Hakuho is matched with Kotoshogiku. They’ve met a remarkable 62 times, with the Yokozuna holding an even more remarkable 56-6 edge over the former Ozeki.

7 thoughts on “Day 14 Torikumi Posted

  1. Considering the sentiment of a few days back that Hakuho would have to drop out, his chances of winning the yusho are looking better and better. Remarkable!

  2. Pretty hard for Koto to make a kachi-koshi when he is matched up with all top rankers…


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