Day 13 Torikumi Posted

You can see the whole slate of bouts here. The main item of note is that the M7 pair gets thrown into the deep end of the pool. It’s Y1w Hakuho (10-1) vs. M7e Myogiryu (8-3) and Y1e Kakuryu (11-0) vs. M7w Tomokaze (9-2). In addition to running out of credible opponents for the Yokozuna as a result of the 4 Ozeki withdrawals, the schedulers do not want any surprise yusho winners who have not faced the highest level of opposition.

20 thoughts on “Day 13 Torikumi Posted

  1. What a bloody mess! We need to mint a few young, healthy Ozeki soon. Here’s an idea. Miniature Hakuho. Like 5 of them. Enho size, complete Hakuho replica. Maybe 22 years old.

    • Would you rather fight one Hakuho-sized Enho or 2 Enho-sized Hakuhos? Or something like that.

      • Once we get the mini-Hakuho swarm set up, we have them fight each other. Pay per view. We use the money gained to fund a full time sports medicine doctor for the NSK, and everyone wins. Especially the tiny Hakuhos.

  2. They have a good free app too, I think it’s just titled Grand Sumo. For $5 a month, you can become a Tanimachi patron premium member, and get access to daily video of all Makuuchi bouts, present back to the May 2010 basho.

    • yes, i’m a Tanamachi patron premium member – it’s about AU$7.99 monthly. it’s a godsend!
      Day 13 – my Kaze facing Kakuryu – how excitement!!!!!

      • Yes!!! Looking forward to that bout. I hope Tomokaze gives Kakuryu a run for his money. Kakuryu usually (though not always) is one step ahead of his opponent in his defense adaptations. Tomokaze has a similar quality and ability so should be very interesting.

      • Really? In the Apple App Store or Giggle Play Store? What country are you in? Try just changing to the US Store fot just this app, download it and change your Store back. I’ve done this with other apps.

        • that’s a neat trick! never thought to do that when i come across an app that i’m interested in that’s not available in Australia….. will have to remember that ;-)

          • Switch between existing country profiles
            On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store .
            Tap Menu Account Country and profiles. You’ll see two countries – your current Google Play country and the country you’re currently in.
            Tap the country you want to change to.

  3. I’m starting to worry they’ll schedule Terutsuyoshi against one of the Yokozuna next… They are already scheduling him with mid-maegashira that are supposedly out of his range.

    • As a fan of both Yokozuna, I’m also concerned. Terutsuyoshi is firing on all cylinders.

    • After his win today, I’m very curious to see whom he fights on days 14 and 15. He’s looking like the likely opponent for Mitakeumi on senshuraku.

  4. Does anybody know the story about Murata Ryo. (Hattorizakura’s opponent on Day 13). Looks like a college guy who was having great success until something terrible happened a year ago.

    Injury, Illness?

    • I don’t know, but he’s doing what Ryuden did for a while at the depths of his injury crisis: turn up for one match and win to avoid being dropped from the banzuke. And even if they have to hoist him on to the dohyo in a full body cast and shove him in Hattorizakura’s general direction he will win this one

      • I think you may be confusing him with someone else – this is going to be the first time he will be pulling the Ryuden trick. It is in fact his first tournament ever in Jonokuchi, as he was a Sandanme tsukedashi.

        According to some tweet I found about it, he had a serious injury in the right knee in Nagoya 2018 that required long kyujo, and then, when he tried to return to the dohyo in the last haru basho he re-injured himself in the left knee, where he had an old injury from high school, and had to drop out again.

        Something like Ura, but out of the public eye.

        • Same guy. I said “he’s doing what Ryuden did for a while”, not “he’s been doing for a while what Ryuden did”. And doo wa diddy diddy dum diddy dum.

          What I meant was that if you turn up for even one match in jonokuchi, you avoid going banzuke-gae and I think that’s the only reason he’s going up against the human pocky stick tomorrow.

        • Thank you Herouth,

          That precisely matches the dates and record in Sumo DB. I count him at 41-15 through his first 8 basho, and sitting at Ms1w. Then the injury….

          Thanks for finding that tweet!!


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