Yoshikaze Kyujo

The Kyokai just announced on its official Twitter account that Yoshikaze of Oguruma beya will join Takakeisho on the couch for Nagoya. With a full kyujo from Maegashira 11, this will likely see the veteran demoted to Juryo.

We now understand this to have been a more long term issue. He had surgery to deal with a right knee ligament injury. The initial kyujo announcement seemed to leave the door open to eventual participation in this tournament. However, in light of this news it puts participation in September’s tournament in the air. Full kyujo from a second tournament would jeopardize his rank even further. If he does not participate until November, he would come back in makushita.

14 thoughts on “Yoshikaze Kyujo

  1. A demotion to Juryo is certain for an M11 with an 0-0-15 record. Since the kōshō system was abolished in 2004, only rikishi ranked M3 or higher have survived a full kyujo without getting demoted.

  2. Turns out the man injured his ligament some time in June. He actually underwent surgery. His oyakata says he is currently at a hospital in Chiba prefecture, undergoing rehab.

  3. Chiyonokuni has withdrawn again too. :( The buzz I’d been hearing suggested he would be fighting this basho, but I guess it was all talk. Disappointed (I miss him in Makuuchi), but glad he’s taking care of himself long-term.


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