Happy 36th Birthday Toyonoshima!!


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Tachiai would like to wish big papa Toyonoshima a very happy 36th birthday today! A longtime sumo veteran, Toyonoshima is set to return to the top division at Nagoya, and I know myself and many others would like to see him have a much better Makuuchi tournament than his 5-10 make koshi at Haru earlier this year. Here’s hoping Toyonoshima’s birthday wish is answered, and that we will see him hold on to his spot in the top division for some time to come! Bring on the little cakes!!

2 thoughts on “Happy 36th Birthday Toyonoshima!!

  1. I will never forget some of his bouts against the likes of Kotoōshū, Harumafuji and Terunofuji. Some of the best bouts ever.
    The smaller guys can learn a lot from him.

  2. He is only 36? such a young gun! He has been one of my favorite before his long injury and I have been rooting for his return ever since. Hope he makes himself a nice birthday present by reestablishing himself in makuuchi.


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