Sumo Retrospective Video

Herouth (@sumofollower on Twitter) found and shared this retrospective from YouTube. With all of the hype around our up-and-comers, it’s cool to go back a decade and see who the up-and-comers were back then. It’s great to see Ama during the good ole days. It also opens with a bout in that long Kisenosato vs Kotoshogiku rivalry.

6 thoughts on “Sumo Retrospective Video

  1. Why not link the actual video?

    Interesting to watch, I guess even if one doesn’ understand Japanese. Damn was Ama skinny ;)

      • well, obviously I meant to mention both your source and link the video. When I made the comment I manually had to copy that reference to twitter to than open the video embedded in twitter … which is at max semi convenient. Especially since I’m not a twitter user ;)

  2. Wow! What a treat! I really got a kick out of watching this video … and I’ll be watching it again, probably multiple times.

  3. Crazy how lean Harumafuji was at the start of his makuuchi career. If I looked at him back then I’d never thought he would make Yokozuna. According to Sumodb he was at around 113 kg at the time, that’s about the same weight class as Terutsuyoshi and Ishiura…

  4. I’d just arrived in Japan that January but missed the end of Hatsu by two days. Still, the lingering news stories and highlights on TV intrigued me enough to go along to Haru in March (I was based in Osaka) where I got to see Hakuho pick up the first of the two consecutive yusho that led to his Yokozuna promotion. 2007 was definitely a great year for getting into the sport. So much going on at that time (not all of it good, of course, but plenty in the news to keep one’s interest alive). Interestingly though, I remember the great hope that year actually being 31-year-old Kotomitsuki. His late-career Ozeki run was the biggest story besides Hakuho’s. It had been a while since a Japanese rikishi had made the step up and the media was pretty excited.


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