Kenshokin Increase In September

This morning sumo wrestling’s governing body, the Nihon Sumo Kyokai (日本相撲協会), announced an increase in the price of sponsorship banners. Under the old scheme, banners cost 62,000 yen each (US$565.75). Now, they will cost 70,000 yen (US$638.82). The amount of money awarded on the dohyo remains unchanged at 30,000 yen per envelope. However, the amount reserved for the wrestler’s retirement, etc, is increased from 26,700 yen to the same 30,000 yen per banner. The NSK fee also increased from 5,300 to 10,000 yen.

When I saw the headline, I had wished Mitakeumi’s fat stacks would be getting fatter. Instead, they’re charging sponsors like Dr. Takasu a bit more and the winning wrestlers will see a bit more off the dohyo.

11 thoughts on “Kenshokin Increase In September

  1. Interesting. For some reason I always thought half the kensho went to the NSK, but it looks like it’s 43% to the winner of the match, 43% to the pension pot (of the winner of the match? Of the rikishi sponsored?), and 14% to the NSK.

    • It goes to the winner of the match. Some of this money may be used to pay year-end taxes, so it stands to reason that a rikishi who didn’t get the income would not be taxed for it.

  2. The same article also mentions another fare increase that may affect us fans: They are going to increase some ticket prices. The plan is to gerrymander re-zone the seats, and give them new prices, also based on which day of the week it is.

    • Yeah. That sounded like it was TBD still so I figure there will be an update sometime this summer.

  3. 0% increase in the up front amount to the winner
    12% increase in the deferred payment
    89% increase in management fee

    Andy (or anyone), do you have details on the business requirements on the manufacturer. If I’ve heard correctly:

    There is also the expense of creating the banner(s)
    Is there a minimum order? for example, would I be required to advertise each of the 15 days?

    It’s fun to imagine crowd sourcing a banner for more junior favorites. Enho, for example.

    Are banners only available for upper division? ie., Is sponsoring a Hattorizakura bout out of the question?

    • A hattorizakura prose would be awesome. Maybe he would put more uumph in his Tachiai!

    • We have jokingly talked about Tachiai kensho / banners – but as they are usually not featured in any broadcast, it would only be for fans in the Kokugikan. While that is a fun “vanity” project, its impact on the site might not amount to much.

      That also means one of us would need to start an enduring relationship with the NSK, and that would be quite the ordeal, I would imagine.

      • Ha – you know I’m here for the last part!

        I think it would be quite a good/fun exercise though to host a ranked choice poll so that if we did ever do it, we know who the readers would want!


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