4 thoughts on “Takakeisho to Withdraw Again

  1. I was expecting this. This should be the way even though he’s not my favorite… 😀

    By the way : One thing I love about your blog here that you present your sources. This video does not have any (to me, but I’ll stand corrected). Any one of you can confirm this news?

  2. If Takakeisho is as crocked as CG suggests it isn’t fair on his opponents for him to continue. What is Tochinoshin supposed to do tomorrow? Take it easy and maybe lose, or go flat out and risk permanently injuring the kid?

  3. In his previous Youtube post Chris Gould suggested that the kadoban rules lead to the return of Takeisho and that the rules need to be changed. However, his return is probably more related to being only 22 and the sumo culture brainwashing that he has been exposed to over the last decade. (I know at 22 that I wasn’t making the best decisions)


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