NHK World’s Grand Sumo Preview

With just days before the Natsu Basho starts, it’s time once again to join the crew of NHK World’s Grand Sumo for a preview show. Typically we can expect Murray Johnson, John Gunning and Hiro Morita, with some torture sessions applied to Raja Pradhan. These shows are always fun, and full of great sumo fan information.

Show times are US Eastern and Pacific. Do tune in and check it out.

  • Friday 12:30 AM Eastern / Thursday 09:30 PM Pacific
  • Friday 04:30 AM Eastern / Friday 01:30 AM Pacific
  • Friday 12:30 PM Eastern / Friday 9:30 AM Pacific
  • Friday 06:30 PM Eastern / Friday 03:30 PM Pacific

2 thoughts on “NHK World’s Grand Sumo Preview

  1. Based on the trailer video, looks like the torture might be applied to Hiro Morita this time. We think of Enho as small, but he dwarfs Hiro!

  2. 2.30 pm Friday 10 May 2019 first viewing time here in Australia.
    Enho looks so strong and large next to Hiro.
    Hiro has about as much sense of balance when doing leg raises/stretches/stomps as i do on any given day!
    glad to see Raj has been given breather! LOL


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