16 thoughts on “Hakuho Kyujo

  1. Hmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmmmmmm.
    One thing I find a little retarded, is during a practice bout, when a Rikishi beats an opponent, the present Rikishi all run towards him like whoaa enough don’t kill him. What’s that about?

      • It certainly doesn’t appear to be the case. The winning wrestler doesn’t even look at them. And they approach him in a stopping manner like they are breaking up a fight, and they back off as soon as the winner backs off. Could it be a tradition of reminding the winner not to make a final shove and/or take it easy because it’s only a practice bout? That makes a little more sense to me.

        • What Andy and Denise said is literally the case. They rush towards the winner hoping to get his attention and be the next to get a practice bout. Sometimes the winner picks someone new, sometimes they stick with the original training partner. It really depends on what kind of opponent the winner wants to practice against. You usually see big mobs of rikishi when it’s a sekitori/san’yaku member they want to train with so that they can benefit from their experience and test themselves. They might as well be screaming “notice me senpai” while they are swarming the dohyo.

        • You can find videos that show what Liam’s talking about by searching the blog for “moshi-ai”, which is what these training bouts are called. (If I were to link something directly this comment would end up in moderation.)

  2. The Boss won’t be happy that he’s in no condition not to participate fully in the first basho of the new Reiwa era. he’s made the right choice for himself and his injury/recovery, but still, he won’t be a happy chappy

  3. Totally agree, dentay. I had the feeling like many of the Tachiai readers that Hakuho’s injured arm is going to need more time to fully recuperate. A real shame for sure…and why take any chances? To me: a smart move.

  4. I´m sorry for the King, the prestige of a basho is lessened without him.
    It´s conforting though that i don´t have to see a particular guy handing him a trophy.

  5. Once more we’ll have to see Miyagino-oyakata struggle to mount the dohy carrying that giant cup.

  6. i’m actually glad he made this decision. first, his arm will heal and we’ll see him on the dohyo soon enough.
    but second, the symbolism is actually quite appropriate – he was the last champion of the heisei era, he was dominant during the heisei era, but the new era will have new champions. that he won’t be opening the first tournament of the new era is quite appropriate, i think. don’t get me wrong – i do want to see him back on the dohyo, and maybe grab a couple more yusho, but it won’t be his era, that’s for sure.

  7. As others have said, we’d rather see Hakuho get the treatment he needs to get full use of his arm — whether as rikishi or as oyakata. Someone mentioned ages ago that because Hakuho has a Japanese wife, the process of getting his citizenship will be faster than otherwise. If the NSK wants Hakuho as oyakata in Japan, they will find a way to string him along until his citizenship comes through.

    But my hope is that this upcoming treatment is successful and he makes the recovery.

    Get well, Boss!

    • Not sure the NSK actually wants or needs Hakuho as an oyakata. They may or may not. After all, he is a square peg in a world of round holes.

      • Squarer or rounder than flower shaped? How bout Fuji shaped? Octogons seem to fit nicely.

      • This is so true. But as oyakata, he’s probably more ‘containable’ than as a wrestler.


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