While We Wait…

Yes, it’s true – I did not catch that the NSK was holding back the Banzuke until Tuesday AM Japan time. You can understand given that tradition plays a strong role in most things they do, that a rabid sumo fan would assume it would be published on Monday.

While we wait for it to actually show up, here’s a fun little video clip shared by Nicola Hetherington – a wonderful person and friend of Tachiai (she shares many, many basho photos with us).

Is That… Gagamaru on Drums?

13 thoughts on “While We Wait…

  1. Gagamaru I recognize but I don’t know who the other sekitori are — this is from late 2014 and I didn’t start following sumo until 2016. Does anyone here know who the other ones are?

      • So of course I went to look them up, and I discovered the trivia that Tenkaiho has just retired, has joined the NSK as an elder, and is borrowing Kotoshogiku’s kabu.

  2. Finally the day has come. I know this is old now but it is news to me. Gagamaru got his musical redemtion after what I would call the Hakkeyoi incident were his sense of the beat was way of. Beeing a bit tonedeaf my self it is great seeing that everyone has a style of music that they can master. (:

  3. Unless i’m mistaken….
    Isn’t today the last day of the Heisei Era ? With some sort of little speech ceremony where the current emperor will be abdicating his throne ?

    From what i’ve read, tommorow (May 1st) will be the firs day of the new Era with another litlle ceremony were the Crown Prince will become the temporary official new Emperor of Japan (until it will be made totaly official at the end of the year).

    So maybe that is why they are holding on a bit on the release of the Banzuke. Will all the big change and ceremony on-going. It will be after all the first Banzuke of the new Era.

      • It is in Japan. Right ? (Early morning.)

        Because of everything that is going on the 29th, the 30th and the 1st, i wouldn’t be surprise if the Bansuke is published only very late tuesday in Japan. Or perhaps even postpone until Wednesday morning. Maybe…

        • It won’t be postponed – they didn’t change it to Tuesday without consulting their calendar. Banzuke days and everything about honbasho schedule are planned at least a year in advance.

          In Japan it is, indeed, the 30th. The Emperor is to make his last speech in the afternoon, and at midnight, Naruhito becomes emperor.

  4. Death Metal is a pretty good genre choice for sumo wrestlers: the songs require a great deal of energy, technical skill and aggression but don’t tend to last very long.


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