The May Banzuke is Posted!

All across the divisions, this is shaping up to be a barn-burner of a tournament. Some highlights (at least as I see them)

Takakeisho – first tournament as Ozeki. Congrats!

Ichinojo – Back at Sekiwake, which he shares with Tochinoshin who is 10 wins away from regaining his Ozeki rank.

Aoiyama – Komusubi for May, his fans all hope that he is in top form and can stand up to the intense pressure.

Kotoshogiku – Top echelon of the rank and file Maegashira 1w, a winning record might put him back in the named ranks.

Enho – Debut in the top division, I know fans who only get to see the highlight shows are going to wonder where this powerhouse has been hiding the whole time.

Roga – At Sandanme 22, the March Jonidan yusho winner takes a huge leap up the banzuke.

Terunofuji – He looked like death warmed over in March, but maybe he is in better condition now. He punches in at Sandanme 49.

Wakaichiro – After a losing record in March, he finds himself back in Jonidan at 19. Time for him to regroup and move forward.

16 thoughts on “The May Banzuke is Posted!

  1. Interesting Shinanoumi (J1e, 13-2) only at M12 and only one rank higher than Chiyomaru (J1w 10-5)

      • I’m really happy that Chiyoshoma survived – was in Osaka on day 15 when Chiyoshoma was 7-7 and thought that Shohozan shoving him right off the Dohyo in the matta was a little outrageous! No wonder he then lost and went to 7-8. I know he’s not the most popular and many wouldn’t shed a tear to see him go down to Juryo, but I still think that he deserved the break.

    • If you were looking at Shimanoumi’s rank from a glass-half-full perspective you could say that M12 will give him a better chance to consolidate his position in the top division. I do agree that it’s a very puzzling decision.

        • That’s the main reason. While you do see people promoted high into the division after winning the yusho from the top rank, they’re almost always people that have had a lot of time in Makuuchi already and they don’t hesitate to put them closer to where they “belong”. I knew that people predicting him to be much higher on the basis of record were going to be sadly disappointed, but I didn’t realize by how much.

  2. This banzuke is a murderer’s row. Good luck to anyone in the lower half that is hoping to hold onto their rank and/or stay in the division.

    • I think even if Hakuho does participate, this basho is going to be non-stop madness. Everyone is going to be motivated to do well because of how the rankings have been set up. The rikishi in the upper ranks want to prove that they were ranked correctly. Everyone wants to gain a higher rank. The rikishi at the low end of the banzuke want to remain in the top division. Anyone who takes a day off will lose. Period.

  3. looking for improvement this basho from my Oguruma boys who now rank at M6 (Yoshikaze), M9 (Tomokaze), M12 (Yago)… with Kyokushuho at J2 (gr8 job) and Kyokutaisei at J8 – keep climbing boys!

      • for how long is anyone’s guess but i’m thinking the younger Oguruma boys are also giving him some motivation, esp. Tomokaze his former tsukebito, they have a really strong friendship and have had a few special chiikara-mizu moments already that you don’t often get to see happen at the top level…


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