Jungyo Newsreel – Day 21

🌐 Location: Hidaka, Saitama prefecture

We have a short one for you today. The Jungyo is back in Saitama, which means these guys are once again in the spotlight:

Hokutofuji, Daieisho

“Hey, hey, hey, wait a second! What about me?!”

Yes, Abi, you’re a home boy, too. Now stop obscuring the other ones.

Not many visuals from the sidelines today, except Chiyoshoma, quietly doing his shiko in the hanamichi while others are practicing on the dohyo:

The practice on the dohyo includes some attention to Wakamotoharu, who has been very popular with the upper echelon this Jungyo:

Can’t say whether that’s a full fledged kawaigari or just plain butsukari. Meisei is also getting some quasi-Ozeki attention. But in his case, it’s pretty clear that when you look like this from the front:

And like this from the back:

…it’s kawaigari. Tochinoshin is making good use of his last days at Ozeki.

Practice bouts: Shimanoumi-Wakatakakage, Endo-Sadanoumi (with a bit of Yokozuna shiko at the end):


Actually, the more interesting san-ban is taking place away from the dohyo. Kotoshogiku and Toyonoshima are having at it in the corner:

Then again:

And again:

Good stuff!

Enho – we can’t do without Enho in any report – has finished his practice and wants to go get a shower, when all of a sudden, a team of hoodlums gangs up on him:

“Shortstuff, meet Yuki. He is my VP of Beating People To Pulp”

“Now, for some reason it looks like you think I was born yesterday, but I was not.”

“So I can’t get you to see reason? OK, Yuki, you have a go at making him see reason”

Poor pixie… Got in trouble with the Tamawashi-gumi.

I have absolutely nil material from the afternoon part of this event, sorry. All I have is Hokutofuji serenely having his head shampooed.

Rikishi don’t wash their hair every day, and when they do, it’s basically done with car-mechanic-grade grease remover, because the suki-abura used for their hairstyles is pretty much like having a head full of butter.

So I bid you farewell with our pin-up of the day, Tsukahara, from Kasugano beya, who is also a Saitama home boy:

7 thoughts on “Jungyo Newsreel – Day 21

  1. I dislike the implication that Tochinoshin’s Ozeki days are almost over and will never return. He has a reasonable chance for immediate repromotion. I wouldn’t take a bet on it for even odds, and probably would want 3:1, but it’s at least within the realm of reason.

    • Whatever happens, I bet people would still be talking about that injury of his, like he’s the first and last wrestler to sustain an injury.

    • His chances largely depend on his condition, and the condition of the other top lads. If he turns up fit and we get two or three injury withdrawals in the y/o ranks he would probably get the 10 wins.

  2. Glad to see that Tachi-ai is giving some love to my long-range pick Tsukahara who is scrambling his way towards the upper slopes of Mount Makushita. He’s big, he’s young (19), and by the end of this year we might know if he’s just good, or very good.

    • agree with u here re Tsukahara – have seen his bouts a few times now and i think he’ll cause a stir and create a bit of excitement as he ascends. he’s definitely one to watch…

  3. Tochinoshin’s a fighter…that’s for damn sure! Anyone who follows Sumo knows that this young man is a warrior and I have grown to really like the dude (Yep, I’m an older head and he’s much younger than I am, so there! HA!) — and so he will have his chance — and I for one would like him to retain his Ozeki status.

    And like you, TB1966…I have been following Tsukahara for a while myself…especially since a certain sumo-related site gives him nice props from time to time. He’s making his way up the Makushita rank…so let’s see how the rest of 2019 treats him.

    • looks like a couple of us following Tsukaraha! it’s good when a young gun comes to our collective attention – also shows the wide range of ‘favourites’ regardless of age, ranking etc.


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