Jungyo Newsreel – Day 19

🌐 Location: Takasaki, Gunma prefecture

Unlike our previous location, which boasted a local sekitori, a local tsukebito, and a semi-local former Yokozuna’s nephew, Gunma prefecture is really short on famous or high-ranked local boys.

The local organizers gave Hikarifuji and Kayatoiwa their due glory, but their real pride and joy is not regularly a part of the jungyo anymore. He was brought in specifically for this event.

That, of course, is 42 years old Satonofuji, the grand master of the bow, who hails from Gunma prefecture. And while all the other low-ranked rikishi were working on the dohyo, Satonofuji was working with the struggling new performer, Shohoryu, giving him a master class.

This was just one of the various outdoor activities today. The weather was deemed warm enough to have the handshaking sessions outside:

Though the sky looks pretty gray, if you ask me. Not all the rikishi just stand for handshakes. Some famous veterans sit in a separate corners, and fans can go and have a photo taken with them:

But actual practice takes place inside the venue. The first sekitori arrive and pull their taping kits:

Asanoyama, get, set, tape!

Others start stretching:

Some squatting and suri-ashi are in order:

Takarafuji is showing us his his good side.

Wakamotoharu works on his upper body:

But then he and Mitakeumi decide to gang up on poor Enho:

The Yokozuna synchronize:

But then each goes his own way. Kakuryu manages an exercise that doesn’t look ridiculous:

While Hakuho is doing suri-ashi in the hana-michi, and interacts with the spectators:

Near the wall, a group of lower-ranked rikishi prove to us that titty obsession is not just a Tamawashi thing:

What are you doing, guys?

Up on the dohyo, Ichinojo is giving butsukari:

While Terutsuyoshi seems to have… a toothache?

By now, you should know who it is who makes Takakeisho smile this wide:

Takayasu finishes stretching, has a bout with Mitakeumi, and butsukari with Onosho.

Some more practice bouts: Daieisho-Takakeisho, Myogiryu-Ichinojo, Kiribayama-Takanofuji:

Practice over. Lower-ranked rikishi get their hair done and go about their chores:

Some sekitori go out and enjoy the food stalls outside the venue. Namely, Terutsuyoshi, Chiyotairyu and Enho. Enho starts well with some yaki manju:

But seems to pick up something that doesn’t suit his dainty palate:

Or maybe it’s the camera crew that affect his apetite.

Terutsuyoshi and Chiyotairyu enjoy some yakisoba:

With everybody fed and in good order, it’s time for the afternoon part of the day. We begin with a Jonidan bout, because of course we don’t want to miss Satonofuji:

Nice throw. Next up, we have the Juryo dohyo-iri, or as Gagamaru calls it, “cheeky time”:

The cheeks in question being Takanosho’s of course.

Azumaryu and Akiseyama have a less painful way to enjoy the wait:

Next up, the Juryo bouts, and we have Aminishiki vs. Hidenoumi for you:

Nice effort from old Uncle there, but to no avail.

Chiyomaru makes short work of Daiamami:

And we are up in Makuuchi. And the dohyo-iri there is not free of sin, either:

No, no, you have to wait for the Ozeki!

For some reason, Chiyotairyu decides that facing the spectators is just too much for him and turns around in the middle of the dohyo-iri. Abi tries to argue with him.

Takakeisho, by now getting used to all the “shin-ozeki” stuff, receives gifts of local produce – rice, meat, etc.:

The bouts start, and Yoshikaze has a wardrobe malfunction:

Is it me or does Toyonoshima surreptitiously improve his mawashi hold during this matta? Zurui… he won this bout.

Next up, Terutsuyoshi throws his usual bucket load of salt… and seems to hit his own eye:

Typical Terutsuyoshi sumo. Sorry, Yago, maybe next time!

Next up, Ichinojo vs. Endo:

Ichinojo is not sleeping.

Kaisei is pitted with Nishikigi, and doesn’t let the green mawashi man set up any sort of defense:

Last before the san-yaku, Hokutofuji vs. Mitakeumi:

Takakeisho is up next vs. Tamawashi:

No rolling into the crowd today. The last bout whose footage I got is Goeido vs Tochinoshin:

And after Kakuryu beats Takayasu (sorry, no video), comes the part everybody has been waiting for – good old Satonofuji’s yumi-tori shiki. Watch it, then go back to previous reports and compare with Kasugaryu, never mind poor Shohoryu. This is the work of a true master:

Our pin-up of the day is Wakamotoharu. Adieu!

7 thoughts on “Jungyo Newsreel – Day 19

  1. Oh Satonofuji…. How i miss him.

    What is he doing these day ? Did he retired or is he still active ?

    I know it’s all tradition and things but…..i really feel that since Sumo is all about this, they really should make a formal profession with multiple rank of seniority for bow-twirler. Just like Gyoji, Yobidashi and Tokoyama.
    And all at the top, there should be a Tate-master Bow-twirler, whose years of experience helped him honning this art to perfection. That person should always be the one doing the ceremony in honbasho and perhap some very special and significant event. Regarless of being an active rikishi or being affiliated to a Yokozuna. While the under-ranker bow-twirler do all the other event.

    Because….let’s face it, i feel that just like Tokoyama, there is an art to learn and master in this. And it really take time/years to master. And even then, it’s obvious some will always do it better than other. Thus, being elevated to the rank of “Master”.

    I feel Satonofuji is one of them. (Although, i do feel in his last years of bow-twirling, he started to speed up a bit too much is movement for some part of the ceremony. Give me the impression he just want to be done with it quickly.)

    Anyway…..i do hope guys like Satonofuji get to stick around and have like an unofficial position to train future rikishi in the art of the yumi-tori shiki ceremony.

    • Of course, he is still active. Note his oicho mage. He is in Jonidan, as I mentioned.

      I understand your feelings, but that’s not how it works. There are no ranks for something which is done only once a day, requiring one man. And the bow twirl is done on behalf of a Yokozuna – the gyoji even proclaims that when he gives him the bow. It’s simply not about the aesthetics of the twirl.

  2. Was great to see Satonofuji again – miss him!
    Yago should know Terutsuyoshi sumo better than that – he’s had more experience than most with his ‘style’ 🤣 but a Yoshikaze wardrobe malfunction! Oh to be ringside for that!
    And a wonderful addition to Jungyo pin up of the day – Haru chan!!!

  3. ok, I feel stupid for having to ask – but who is the rikishi with the special power of being able to make poker-faced Takakeisho grin like that?


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