Spring Jungyo Tour Map

On The Road Again…

This spring’s Jungyo tour is quite the working holiday. The troupe of warriors will travel to 25 different locations over the course of a month, possibly the most ambitious (or nightmarish) tour on record. I find the prospect fascinating, as if MLB Spring training would leave the comforts of balmy Florida to swing by Durham, NC, Austin, TX, Nashville, TN…

Herouth‘s updates not only give me the needed dose of sumo between basho, but also a dose of their personalities and interaction with fans that gets lost in the shuffle during honbasho. Josh has been able to enjoy a jungyo event and I am very jealous. I encourage any Tachiai readers who live in Japan or happen to be visiting these areas to attend a jungyo and share what you can of your experience.

9 thoughts on “Spring Jungyo Tour Map

  1. Nice little map, Andy. Man, I wish I could visit the Spring Jungyo tour, let alone any Jungyo tour right about now…especially with my UNC Tar Heels out of the NCAA Basketball tourney! < Sigghhh > If I had the money…it’ll be a first-class ticket to somewhere, scenic Japan and watch the sumotori bash-and-mash, or just goofily play around.

  2. As a man with a penchant for cartography, I’m enjoying this map. Is it the same level of difficulty to get a ticket for all the different Jungyo venues?

    • Great question,Tom. I’m curious, too. Perhaps one of the site contributors has a good answer…

    • That is a great question. Each location has a website and phone number that I jotted into my little spreadsheet. I’ll check out the websites and see what’s there.

      • I can’t speak for the other venues, but I didn’t have any issue getting my ticket through BuySumoTickets for the jungyo. They’re quite good at handling ticket requests for a number of events in Japan outside of sumo. As you need to arrange delivery either in Japan or abroad however, communicating your arrival and location in Japan is really important when working with them.

  3. Sorry maybe a stupid question, how can I visit the jungyo in Kashiwa on April 20th? Where can I buy some tickets as a non Japanese speaker?


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