13 thoughts on “NHK World Video – Kisenosato Interview

  1. Thanks for the link! I appreciated Araiso saying hello to Sumo fans in English.

    I also learned I have been saying Ara-iso incorrectly! No great shocker there. (I learned to say it in four syllables, not three).

    Either he has a great tailor, or already he has lost some weight. Just saying.

    Best wishes to Kisenosato —> Araiso!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link, Bruce! I really wish Araiso the best. He seems like a truly honorable man and appears to be genuinely excited about his future.

  3. A incredible fighter in all regards. He would have made a great Yokozuna, not only because of his skill and strength but also because he is the embodiement of the Sumo ideals. I hope we will see someone like him reach the highest rank again and that Araiso Oyakata will train the future of Sumo.

  4. totally agree with other comments here that he just seems to be an utterly lovely bloke – maybe I didn’t appreciate him enough when he was active.
    But it makes me hopeful that he could become an excellent oyakata.

  5. It was a delight to hear him greet his fans in English. He seems like a very nice man, and I’m glad to see him happy.

  6. It was wonderful to see him so happy! I predict he will be a fan favorite for a long time- he can still do the sport of sumo a lot of good.

  7. I wish they could have done a little bit more indebt interview. Seeing Kisenosato again was great of course, but at the end of the day their is not much interview in that little clip.


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