Haru Day 11 – Ones To Watch

Wakaichiro Fights For Kachi-Koshi On Day 11

Many of our “Ones to Watch” were competing day 10 in Osaka, with Hoshoryu picking up his second win, improving to 2-3 in a lengthy match that saw both rikishi struggle for a dominant position. Although it seems to me that Hoshoryu is getting frustrated by the fierce competition in the Makushita joi, the struggle will improve his sumo. It also gives Naya a chance to catch up, as Otake heya yusho hopeful goes into his day 11 yusho elimination match. We are also happy to point out that Wakaichiro managed to pick up his third win with a recovery at the tawara after his balance almost sent him over the edge.

We also have Terunofuji returning to continue his Jonidan yusho bid, and Amakaze competing as well. It’s a full slate for day 11, so grab something to snack on, fire up the stream from Japan and enjoy the lower divisions.

Day 11 Matches

Midorifuji vs Tochinobori – Midorifuji will be looking to pick up win #3, and draw even prior to his final match for Haru. A loss today would mean make-koshi, and a trip down the banzuke for May. His opponent today is Kasugano heya’s Tochinobori, who won their only prior match.

Wakatakamoto vs Kaito – Wakatakamoto has already locked in his kachi-koshi, and now he’s just seeing if he can run up the score. He has two brothers to join in the salaried ranks, and it seems to have motivated him. Day 11 he faces Kaito, who he has a 2-1 career lead against.

Musashikuni vs Horyuyama – Musashikuni is looking to avoid a second straight make-koshi in 2019, and needs to “win out” his remaining 2 matches. Day 11 he faces off against 167 kg (370 pound) Horyuyama. Musashikuni is no tiny fellow, but this is a lot of rikishi to battle. But Horyuyama seems to be having health problems and has been make-koshi for the last 2 basho.

Naya vs Kotoseigo – Naya continues in the yusho bracket, now at 5-0. Day 11 he takes on Makushita 58 Kotoseigo, from Sadogatake heya. Kotoseigo has had 3 extended periods where he sat out multiple tournaments, presumably for health reasons. He is currently fighting at his highest rank.

Torakio vs Baraki – The Naruto heya scion has yet to pick up even a single win for Haru. Is he injured? With lower ranked rikishi, one never gets to know. But we hope he somehow finds a reserve of genki energy and lands at least one win.

Wakaichiro vs Kasugamine – Texas’ own Wakaichiro returns to the Haru dohyo, with kachi-koshi on the line. A win today against Kasugamine would be his 4th, and jubilation would break out across the great state of Texas. As with day 10, Wakaichiro will need to overcome a sizable opponent, who outweighs him by at least 100 lbs.

Roga vs Wakayamanaka – Jonidan yusho bracket match, Mongolian rising star Roga is looking to improve to 6-0, and knock Wakayamanaka out of the race. Wakayamanaka is a former Sandanme rikishi how dropped out of sumo for a time and re-entered, whereas Roga is a young powerhouse who has yet to lose a match.

Kenho vs Sakai – In the really disappointing bracket, the already make-koshi Kenho is clearly not functioning well, and has not generated much offensive or defensive sumo during Haru. Hopefully he can survive his last 2 matches without further injury, and can recover in time for May.

Terunofuji vs Shimomura – Another Jonidan yusho elimination match; former Ozeki Terunofuji is unbeaten in his first basho back in sumo since taking an extended leave of absence to get his health under control. Although not looking quite healthy or fit, he has been fighting well and as a result is in the thick of competition for the Jonidan yusho. His competitor today is 18 year old Shimomura, who is only in his 2nd tournament as an actual ranked rikishi.

Amakaze vs Sakaefuji – Amakaze has a good day of sumo ahead. He is already kachi-koshi in his return to active sumo, and he is safe from further demotion. So the schedulers give him the gargantuan Sakaefuji for his 6th match. Amakaze is a skilled sumo practitioner, but it’s always quite a difficult to battle a human being that large.

Hattorizakura vs Sawada – Having run out of people in Jonikuchi to lose to, they have brought Hattorizakura up to Jonidan to face off against Sawada, whom has beaten him once before. Hattorizakura is my reminder that there are many paths to happiness in this world, including many I don’t understand.

6 thoughts on “Haru Day 11 – Ones To Watch

  1. I have been wondering if, given that Terunofuji is lossless, the sadists at the torikumi committee will dare match him up with Roga, but it seems this is unlikely except in playoff.

    As usual, we end the first five rounds with four 5-0 rikishi in Makushita, and six in Sandanme and Jonidan.


    Ms5e Churanoumi
    Ms30w Kitaharima
    Ms51e Naya
    Ms58w Kotoseigo

    So naturally, today we’ll have Churanoumi vs. Kitaharima, and Naya vs. Kotoseigo. We’ll then have just two, so the last bout will be between those two, and there will be no playoff. This is the normal turn of events in Makushita.


    Sd22e Kotohayato
    Sd39w Karatsuumi
    Sd54e Taichiyama
    Sd72e Sazanami
    Sd88w Asanojo
    Sd94e Kotomiyakura

    So we have Kotohayato vs Karatsuumi, Tachiyama vs. Sazanami, and Asanojo vs. Kotomiyakura.


    Jd15w Roga
    Jd30e Wakayamanaka
    Jd48w Terunofuji
    Jd74w Narumi
    Jd82e Shimomura
    Jd84w Sadatsuyoshi

    So we have Roga vs. Wakayamanaka tomorrow. Now normally it would should have been Teru/Narumi, Shimomura/Sadatsuyoshi. However, Shimomura and Sadatsuyoshi are both from Sakaigawa beya, thus Shimomura gets the honors of meeting the former Ozeki, and Narumi will take Sadatsuyoshi.

    So why is Terunofuji relatively safe from meeting Roga? Because there will be three left from Sandanme, and three left from Jonidan. What happens then is that the bottom-ranked Sandanme yusho contender (Asanojo or Kotomiyakura) is scheduled against the top-ranked Jonidan yusho contender (Wakayamanaka or Roga).

    So the chances of Terunofuji meeting Roga are only if:

    1. Both lose their bout, and are no longer in the yusho race, so the sadists pit them against each other.
    2. Both win their bout, then win their last bout, which means Jonidan playoff between the two.

    Once again, may the best former Ozeki win… :-)

  2. and you all realise this IS the bout Hattorizakura will probably win…. time for the sumo gods to show him their favour again…

  3. What’s it like inside the heya for someone of Terunofuji’s stature at his current rank? Is he treated like any other scrub or does his former Ozeki status count for anything? It seems like an unusual situation

    • It’s hard to know for sure. Heya are secretive places and Isegahama is one of the most secretive there are. However, it appears that in general, former sekitori have more than the share of privileges their mere rank indicates. For example, Amakaze is wearing a hakata obi – which is a Makushita and above privilege – despite being in Jonidan. And there was footage from Arashio beya when Sokokurai was still in Makushita, showing that he still had two attendants serving him at the chanko table, though nominally he was not entitled to tsukebito.

      So I’m guessing Terunofuji is not cleaning toilets.


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