Promotions to Juryo for Haru

“OMG, I’m joining my little bro in the salaried ranks!”

Via the Sumo Forum, promotions to Juryo have been announced. Four slots were open following retirements by Kisenosato, Takanoiwa, and Takekaze and impending demotion of Jokoryu. As expected, these will be filled by two brand-new sekitori and two returning ones. The newcomers are Kiribayama (Ms1w 4-3) and Ones To Watch Wakamotoharu (Ms3w 7-0 Yusho), Wakatakakage’s older brother. The men returning to the salaried ranks are Daiseido (Ms1e 4-3), back after 7 basho, and Takanofuji (Ms3e 5-2), the wrestler formerly known as Takayoshitoshi, back after 5 basho, who is joining his twin Takagenji in the second division.

11 thoughts on “Promotions to Juryo for Haru

  1. Maybe Kiribayama will celebrate his promotion with a given name. According to the database he’s still just plain old Kiribayama.

    • Kiribayama’s given name is Tetsuo. Pictures of his Makushita yusho spell it as 鐵雄while the 2019 Ozumo Rikishi Meikan lists it as 鐵男.

      • Let’s hope he is promoted to makuuchi one day and gets matched against Takayasu. The anime geek in me would love to see Tetsuo vs Akira.

    • There was no way for that to happen. He was only half a rank ahead and had one win less. If only he had one on day 15 vs Sokokurai … On the bright side, he will probably be the top ranked makushita next basho and he had his 4th kachikoshi in a row at his highest rank ever after starting the basho 0-2. Not to mention, he is only 20 ;)

    • During his only previous Basho in Juryo, he beat up his attedant in the locker room in front of a whole bunch of witnesses. He had been late for his match and blamed his attendant.

      Before he changed his name, This is why I call him Taka-Jerky-toshi


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