Hatsu Special Prizes

The list of special prizes has been posted:

Shukun-sho (Outstanding Performance Award)
West Komusubi Mitakeumi
East Sekiwake Takakeisho (conditional)
West Sekiwake Tamawashi (conditional)

Kanto-sho (Fighting Spirit Prize)
West Sekiwake Tamawashi

Gino-sho (Technique Prize)
East Sekiwake Takakeisho

Mitakeumi defeated all three Yokozuna, two Ozeki, and both of the potential yusho winners. Tamawashi and Takakeisho won’t walk away empty-handed, but their shukun-sho are conditional, apparently on winning the yusho. It looks like no prizes for Kaisei or Endo even with victories on senshuraku.

6 thoughts on “Hatsu Special Prizes

  1. I can only think Kaisei and Endo weren’t given prizes as they’re being viewed as former sanyaku rikishi capitalising on their positions lower down the banzuke

  2. Minor correction. Mitakeumi only beat one Ozeki. But a well-deserved prize I think (maybe also very pointed for the two Sekiwake. When they’re standing there with him with the sansho-prizes they’ll remember how easily he beat them both).


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