Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day 6 Win

Friday morning in Tokyo, Wakaichiro won his 3rd match of the Hatsu basho, defeating Fudano in a fast paced match that had the rikishi from Texas dominating for most of the bout. Compared to Kyushu, Wakaichiro is lower, strong, more confident and moving with purpose. He does get into a spot of trouble, but has the sumo sense to recover. With the win he improves to a healthy 3-0 record.

We expect him to return to action on day 8, and we will bring you all of the details once the fight schedule is published.

5 thoughts on “Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day 6 Win

  1. It’s interesting that neither Wakaichiro or Fudano were interested in a belt battle at all. Wakaichiro has already demonstrated that he has skill in different styles of sumo and can use either to win. That’s a big positive for his future.


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