10 thoughts on “Tochinoshin Kyujo As Of Day 5

      • Based on how other people who haven’t had surgery to correct severe muscle issues have performed, I unfortunately think that Goeido’s best days are behind him now. You can’t do quality sumo with only one good arm. That’s one of the main reasons he didn’t beat Ichinojo: he didn’t have enough power to move him around.

  1. I’m so glad. I hate to not see him perform, but I’d much rather he come back healthy in Haru and wipe the floor with his competition. Take care of yourself, ya big Georgian bear!

    • All rikishi had flu shots about two weeks before the basho. Takayasu was just unlucky to contract it earlier. Anybody who hasn’t shown symptoms by now is probably safe.

      • Flu shots don’t protect you 100%. They begin making them 1 year ago, guessing which 3 types out of over 100 to put in. It takes 2 weeks for your body to make antibodies after the shot. When you get sick, you begin to show signs 1-4 days after, during which time you feel fine but spread it to others. It’s usually gone 7-14 days after that but you should stay home from work while you have a fever and for 24 hours after it’s gone. Even if the shot type doesn’t match the flu, it can still help reduce the severity.

  2. A very sensible decision. It begs the question though, why did he even start the basho in the first place? On current form, he was always going to go kadoban. He should have just sat out Hatsu & given himself a proper chance to recover. But that’s not the sumo way, I guess?


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