Fuyu Jungyo 2018 – Days 13 and 14 (Dec 15-16)

It’s that time of the year again – Sumo swim-suit edition!

🌐 Location: Ginowan, Okinawa
😛 Goofometer: ◾️◾️◾️◽️◽

We left off with the sekitori completing their Kyushu rounds. Next stop is Okinawa – for two consecutive days at Ginowan. But not everybody is participating. The Juryo wrestlers – with the exception of Yago and Kotoeko – left for Tokyo with their tsukebito. The Makuuchi wrestlers remained at Fukuoka, and boarded a plane for Okinawa the next day:

I think this plane has a bit of an overweight issue

When they landed in Okinawa, the traditional welcome ceremony with Miss Okinawa was held:

I’m reporting both days together because, frankly, it was hard to tell which image came from which day. In any case, we don’t have many practice photos – even the NSK didn’t post any keiko videos. I do have Tochiozan practicing near the dohyo:

The conscientious Kasugano man was dripping with sweat by the end of his practice, and so he took care to clean up after himself:

How typically Japanese.

The more famous Kasugano man was also practicing on the dohyo. Quite seriously. But he must have thought he was underwater. Why else would he raise his periscope?

I meant his chon-mage, people. 😝

With all Juryo rikishi away, including all pixies, kawaii levels were threatening to go below the su-jo survival threshold. But fear not, when they need to, Makuuchi wrestlers can generate enough kawaii for everybody. There is the reliable Takarafuji:

The self-confident Asanoyama:

And the military-grade cute Takanosho:

Hold on, that’s from the dohyo-iri. Let’s back up a little, because before the dohyo-iri, the rikishi were still in their mawashi, and then started the part of the day for which every sports reporter in Japan came to Okinawa: the beach party! Everybody’s at the beach – tsukebito and sekitori:

Some are even playing beach volleyball!

And these three guys are attracted to a drone flown by one of the photographers:

Hokutofuji • Ichinojo • Yago

It’s nice to see Ichinojo smile from time to time!

My personal favorite of all the beach-boy photos is this one, though

Watch out! A swimming bear!

The Sekitori then had to go get their baths and do their hair. But some lucky people got to linger on until sunset:

It’s Narutaki’s first visit to Okinawa!

The only rikishi who couldn’t enjoy the beach were the poor shokkiri and Jinku performers who were entertaining the audience at this time. Here is the full Jinku performance, for those who have not yet seen one:

Back in the venue, Hakuho had a busy day. There was the official photo with the local dignitaries:

And then his dohyo-iri:

On both days, the top 16 Makuuchi wrestlers had bouts in an elimination tournament format. Here is a summary of the first day:

There is only one sekitori from Okinawa, Chiyonoo, but unfortunately, he is kyujo from this Jungyo. Therefore, the report concentrates on Makushita Chiyonokatsu. You could see his bout with Takakento there. He said in his interview: “It would have been a shame to lose the bout here with all the support I was given from the audience”. Indeed, a nice throw!

And as you could see, the tournament final was between Mitakeumi and Tochinoshin, with the latter winning. Here is another angle on this bout:

In the second day, the “local boy” focus was more on the local Yobidashi, Shigejiro (Kokonoe beya):

In the Makuuchi tournament, Tochinoshin was dominant enough to reach the semi-final against Ichinojo:

But it was the Mongolian Boulder who won this match of thick thighs. Apparently, there was a prize for the winners of the semi-finals? A… tyre?

Or maybe he just thought it was a donut.

In the final, Ichinojo met Ryuden:

No match, really. I guess all that jumping and swimming did good for the colt-tossing glacier. He won the tournament yusho:

And also enough rice to last… a day?

A larger-than-usual rikishi with a larger-than-usual tawara

And this concluded the visit to Okinawa this time. The Jungyo went into a hiatus, to be renewed on December 20th back in the main island of Honshu.

To bid goodbye, once again I present an “I can’t believe this is a former rikishi” oyakata:

Hanaregoma oyakata

No, seriously, can you believe this is the same person?

Tamanoshima (currently Hanaregome oyakata)

8 thoughts on “Fuyu Jungyo 2018 – Days 13 and 14 (Dec 15-16)

  1. It’s always interesting to see former sumo wrestlers looking like ”normal people” after they retire and stop consuming all those calories on a daily basis. NFL lineman are also notorious for shrinking in size after their playing days are done. All of which means, I guess, that these enormous weight gains are so superficial and temporary (if the athlete wants to live to a ripe old age, that is.). Of course, some guys like Akebono got bigger after he retired.

  2. Actually, I think this is rare. I’m not into football so I don’t know what’s happening in that field, but I know basketball players usually get thicker once they retire. It’s hard to change eating habits, so the calories keep coming in, but the level of activity drops.

    Most rikishi remain big after retirement. See Kokonoe, Asakayama and Futagoyama. That’s why guys like Hanaregome, Isegahama, Tatsunami and Takanohana stick out.

    • Wakashimazu was another rikishi who dropped all the kilos too ♥️ And thanks for the swimsuit edition – there are some wonderful pics of Hokutofuji Ichinojo and Yago ♥️♥️♥️ Nice to see our Mongolian Mountain making new friends (and smiling/laughing a lot) Yago and Hokutofuji are already great mates 😉

  3. Thanks for the amazing Jungyo coverage as always, much appreciated!

    A question about Jungyo tickets. Has anyone had any experience buying these? Wondering how easy it would be to get tickets for Jungyo in places like Okinawa or Hokkaido. Any insight greatly appreciated!

    • Josh may be able to share his experience in visiting a Jungyo event. I’ll just note that you’ll have to wait for another year for Okinawa – Kyushu and Okinawa are only covered in the Fuyu Jungyo (December), while Aomori, Akita and Hokkaido are only toured in the Natsu Jungyo (August). See the Introduction To The Jungyo.

      • Thanks for the information! Yes I was aware I’d have to wait a while, was trying to plan ahead for 2019 :) need something to do while I wait for the next basho!

  4. Lovely Takayasu pic.There’s also a Jungyo Yusho? Or is it just a special event in Okinawa only. But cool anyway, I’m happy that Ichinojo won, and he looks adorable in every picture

    • It’s just this particular event. Or rather, any event where there is a tournament format competition where you can point out a clear winner.


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