2018 Year In Sumo Video Podcast

Team Tachiai adds Liam to the podcast to discuss the year is sumo, our Genki Report, and our always regrettable predictions for 2019.  Bonus feature, Liam and Josh take us through some favorites and new packs from BBM’s sumo sports card line.

It’s an hour or sumo fandom on video, and helps us all mark the time until Santa brings us the Hatsu banzuke for Christmas.

5 thoughts on “2018 Year In Sumo Video Podcast

  1. great podcast guys and welcome Liam. keep us posted on May 2019 dates etc. as u just never know what may (or not) be able to be organised to get over (i’m thinking positive)… :-) Happy Christmas and Merry New Year everyone and a big akemashite omedeto gozaimasu. rainen mo yoroshiku onegai moshi-agemasu! YAGO YAGO YAGO!


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