Takanoiwa Leaves Jungyo After Striking Tsukebito.

Following a hearing on the fifth of December, the Nihon Sumo Kyokai asked Takanoiwa to leave the Winter Jungo after it was revealed that he had punched and slapped his 24-year old tsukebito several times in the face the previous night. The beating came after the Tsukebito had forgotten something of Takanoiwas behind while travelling to and from destinations on tour. While the unidentified young rikishi didn’t receive any serious injuries, he did visit the hospital for precautionary measures. After deciding that Takanoiwa would go Kyujo for the remainder of the Jungyo, the NSK also cautioned Chiganoura Beya to rein in its rikishi’s behavior and warned that further penalties may be forthcoming once they have interviewed the victim.

At the time of writing, it is unknown what further punishment Takanoiwa will face, but Tachiai.org will continue to update readers as this story develops.

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48 thoughts on “Takanoiwa Leaves Jungyo After Striking Tsukebito.

  1. I want to know how hard Harumafuji facepalmed… Probably had some choice words…

    Agreed that the stable master needs to show ZERO tolerance. He may be one stable master of many, but anyone can start setting the example.

    • It’s also because this is the THIRD incident with similar behavior from rikishi within the past couple of months. Once is a mistake, twice is a problem, but three times? That’s a serious issue.

  2. Wa-a-ay back when I was in law school, I clerked for the law firm that was representing Houston Rockets star Rudy Tomjanovich in his law suit against the L.A. Lakers. As you may recall, during a game, Rudy T had his face caved in and nearly died from receiving a single punch in the face from Kermit Washington. He has lived the rest of his life with pain from that punch. Takanoiwa weighs 100 lbs. more than Washington did, and surely is considerably stronger. When a rikishi punches someone in the face, it is assault with a deadly weapon.

  3. I think Harumafuji is growing his hair again to step back from that intai. Apparently some guys out there need the guidance of an experienced Yokozuna ;)

    P.S. one way or the other I think he will get banned 2 basho. Might be that his Oyakata puts one on top of the official one. Of all people he shouldn’t be the one assaulting someone.

  4. Inexcusable, it what it is. Takanoiwa should have known better — especially after last year! Totally agreement with many of the comments here, like dentay1612, Bakanofuji, Andy, Bruce, etc, etc.

    I followed a few stables on Twitter or Facebook, or whatever the social platform may be and Chiganoura Beya is one of them, and so it is very disheartening that this keeps happening! The heya is basking in the positive media spotlight of Takakeishō’s yusho and now it is spoiled a bit by this unfortunate situation with Takanoiwa. And you have two guys from the same heya (as someone mentioned above) that have done similar incidents.

    (Shaking my head)

    • Mongolians… like Takayoshitoshi and Hikarugenji?

      Or maybe that sexually abusive Shikimori Inosuke?

      Or perhaps that abusive Tokitsukaze oyakata who murdered Tokitaizan and ended up in jail?


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