Last Day for Hoodies Deal!

Don’t miss the Black Friday deal on hoodies! The price of £24.99 expires tomorrow. If you plan to get one for the winter, now’s the time!

The 15% off T-Shirts will be good until Dec. 15th.

20 thoughts on “Last Day for Hoodies Deal!

  1. Question: If Tachiai is a non profit site, where does the money for these hoodies/shirts exc. go? To the writers?

    • Great question. Short answer: Money from swag goes to the costs of running the site and for the company that makes the swag.

      Long answer: For the past couple of years (at least the last two…can’t remember if it’s three), Tachiai has been run on the WordPress Business Plan to save readers from ads and for the domain name. I really dislike banner ads. So you won’t see them — other than the little one that points to the store. Also, WordPress was great when it was free but there were some limitations. The pay version offers more flexibility to us writers and editors and it’s been nice to have rather than the old site.

      The company that makes the T-Shirts and manages the store gets their portion. They certainly deserve a plug here since the folks at Push ( have been great. They’ve come up with most of the designs, they manufacture, print, and ship the merch and handle the store.

      So, to be clear, Tachiai is not non-profit but far from making a profit. So far. I’ve got a feeling my son’s idea of Tachiai underwear will take off, so stay tuned…

  2. Hey Andy,

    Still no “Shipping Method” available for Ireland. I wanted some cool sweatshirt but cannot. I even have screenshot about it. Can you please please please help? You can see my email I hope…
    Thank you!


    • The list of countries is sadly outside of my control. I’d like to add India and Israel, too. I will raise the issue again with the manufacturer.

      • :( :( :(
        Aren’t they based in UK? If yes I will try to have a shipping point there …
        Thanks anyway!
        Or can I use the images to create these things for myself here?

  3. My note about the shipping methods on “their” site cannot be seen now but I received your update to that via email. Maybe because it included a link.
    Anyway: Yes I do have a screenshot and I can send it to you. I hope you get the email address for this comment. If yes just send email to that. If not I will share through some site ..
    Thanks again!

        • Oh, gotcha. That was made before the winter jungyo schedule was published. So 春 is spring, 夏 is summer, 秋 is fall.

          • Okay, and these are combined in the first six, colored items on the legend. Assuming these are the basho and the combinations are names of the basho or the month? Sorry, I enjoy sumo but do not have this background. Also, what is the kanji next to the gray box?

            • Oh, those are not basho. They’re jungyo (巡業) tours. They’re promotional tours attended by most of the Juryo and Makuuchi wrestlers…basically all of the healthy ones. Herouth has done some great articles about the tours. I saved them under the “Features” on the menu bar if you want to check any of them out. The grey box indicates those prefectures that didn’t have a visit from the spring, summer, or fall tours.

              • Ah yes, I’m familiar with those from your site. Thanks for your help. Ignore the other comment. Assuming it says something like Jungyo Tour 2018 or something and the legend is fully clear to me now. Sorry to bother you but there wasn’t any way to guess from the description. That is a good idea for a shirt.

          • I should have just asked what the shirt says. I’m realizing there’s a title up top, too. Sorry. I am perhaps in a minority of the community where I don’t have solid Japanese language.

            • No worries. I struggle with the language, too. You’re definitely not in the minority…and making me realize I need to put more of a glossary in the descriptions of that design in particular, and a few of the others.

              • I pick a lot of words up verbally and transliterated, but there’s an awful lot. Really, reading about sumo and seeing those words used is the best practice for me. I don’t know about a glossary, though if you did, it would allow you to link to terms in posts and perform a pretty awesome service that way. Not every term every time, but here and there. Would allow the glossary to be built more organically as it fills in as words are used. Anyway. But certainly would be cool for translations in the product descriptions. I agree with the use of kanji as a design element and for accuracy and cultural context, and everything else, but I would have bought this shirt for my girlfriend’s birthday if I would have known what it said on the store. Thanks again!


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