Wakaichiro Loses Day 14 Match


Texas sumotori Wakaichiro went down to his 5th defeat on day 14 in Kumamoto, early on Saturday.  Wakaichiro opened strong, thrusting his opponent, Seito, back to the tawara. But Seito rallied and took Wakaichiro to his chest, and executed a solid sukuinage.

With this loss, Wakaichiro finishes Kyushu with a disappointing 2-5 record, and will return to Tokyo with the Mushashigawa stable to train and regroup. Given the extensive tape work on his extremities, his fans can only assume that he is dire need of recuperative healing.

One thought on “Wakaichiro Loses Day 14 Match

  1. The extensive taping was the first thing I noticed. It makes me nervous to see someone so young and so far down the banzuke taped to that degree >.<;;;


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