Day 13 Torikumi is Posted

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You can see the whole slate of bouts here. Ozeki Goeido’s withdrawal has opened things up, and the schedulers are taking advantage and throwing ranks out the window. Perhaps surprisingly, there’s no intra-sanyaku match on Day 13 at all. The highlight bouts match the current leader and his three chasers. We get:

Komusubi Takakeisho, 10-1 vs. Maegashira 12 Aoiyama, 9-2. They’ve met twice in the past, with Takakeisho prevailing both times.

Ozeki Takayasu, 9-2 vs. Maegashira 9 Daieisho, 9-2. They’ve also met twice, with Takayasu prevailing both times.

Together with Day 12 results, these bouts will go a long way toward narrowing the yusho race and setting up an exciting final weekend!

9 thoughts on “Day 13 Torikumi is Posted

  1. You called it! I’m glad they are going down the route of maximum entertainment value. And I’m also glad my favorites Asanoyama and Kagayaki aren’t being thrown into the meat grinder, for the time being at least.

    • His stablemaster can say whatever he wants. The readers here who are upset with Goeido because this behavior has become a pattern. If his behavior is that “shameful” to his stablemaster, then it would have been sorted out a long time before now.

      • I think the decoded version is something like “He knackered his arm so he he used a cheap tactic to get a couple of cheap wins. I sort of ignored it until he got 8 wins, because y’know “stuff”, but he was making me look bad and now he has to sit in the corner till January”.

  2. The no-intra-sanyaku bout on 13 does lend itself to a Day 15 lineup of Takayasu-Takakeisho, Tochinoshin-Mitakeumi and Ichinojo-Kaisei with Takayasu-Mitakeumi on 14.

  3. Down card, Onosho gets giku and Okinoumi gets big guns. Very entertaining and giving all the chasers a chance to shine (or falter).


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