Remaining Intra-Sanyaku Bouts

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Five days remain in the Kyushu tournament, and eleven bouts matching rikishi in the named ranks are yet to take place. Most likely, we will get two a day from here, and three on senshuraku. Here’s what’s in store:

Day 11. Takayasu vs. Ichinojo and Goeido vs. Kaisei

Day 12. Takayasu vs. Tochinoshin and Goeido vs. Mitakeumi

The Day 12 torikumi was just posted. Going by rank, these bouts should have taken place on Day 13, but it looks like the schedulers want to postpone the juicy Takakeisho vs. Takayasu bout, which I was expecting to happen on Day 12. Below are my projections for the final three days, but it’s possible that the schedulers will rearrange things further in order to produce the most exciting finish.

Day 13. Goeido vs. Ichinojo and Takayasu vs. Takakeisho

Day 14. Goeido vs. Tochinoshin and Takayasu vs. Mitakeumi

Day 15. Goeido vs. Takayasu, Tochinoshin vs. Mitakeumi, and Ichinojo vs. Kaisei

4 thoughts on “Remaining Intra-Sanyaku Bouts

  1. I’m still trying to figure out Kaisei’s rationale for still hanging in at this point, beyond maybe pride. At 3-5-2, he must win out to save his rank, and just the two matches hinted at above seem like assured losses (though anything is possible, I reaoire). Rather than go while continuing to protect the injured leg, he could just step back completely. Maybe I’m being the dense newcomer, though.

    • If he drops out now he’ll drop way down the ranking for January. On the other hand if he can grind out six wins he would be in a slot where he could launch a bid to get back in the titled ranks. He turns 32 next month so he doesn’t have time to waste. I also think that he just loves doing sumo.

  2. I agree with your analysis. Day 12 was a bit of a surprise, but it’s conceivable that a straight swap allows them to work out which of Daieisho/Aoiyama/Onosho to feed to Takakeisho for hi two undecided matchups.

    I’m not expecting anything drastic from the torikumi committee but it is possible that they are saving Takayasu-Takakeisho for Day 15. Other Day 15 pairings could then be Goeido-Tochinoshin and Kaisei-Ichinojo or even Goeido-Ichinojo and Tochinoshin-Mitakeumi.

    I’ve never known the committee to be that inventive though, but I’d love to be surprised!


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