Video Podcast – Josh’s Adventures In Fukuoka

Our man in exotic lands, Josh, has checked in following two days in Fukuoka attending the basho. We talk about the town, the food, the basho, and the moment Josh was ambushed by a TV film crew.

2 thoughts on “Video Podcast – Josh’s Adventures In Fukuoka

  1. Great to meet you Josh and chat sumo. It reinforced to me what a great job this site does in bringing together an international community following a niche sport.

    I went again today. Fairly predictable results at the top of the banzuke, but I really enjoyed Enho’s win over Tobizaru. Undoubtedly Kotoshogiku – Shohozan was the highlight of the three days I went although there were plenty of surprise results on day 5.

    On the venue – I agree the view is great even from the back. But it has to be said the seats are tiny! I did get more space most days as some fellow foreign visitors left way before the end, some people I sat next to on day 6 for example left before makuuchi even started. I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand they’ve taken a ticket that could have gone to a real fan, on the other the sandanme/ makushita divisions don’t get great crowds so if they’ve watched them instead then that boosts the crowd for those matches. But I would definitely question why you would go and then not watch the top guys.

    I agree that something was missing with no Yokozuna dohyo iri, so that gives me an excuse to go and watch another tournament!

    • Nice to meet you too Jemuzu! :)

      It’s funny about that point you make re: empty seats. I made it a while back, and got absolutely slated by a couple folks in the comments section – but I wholeheartedly agree. I think what does happen is you get tour groups and a handful of foreign folks experiencing it for the first time who go to “see the sumo” without really understanding that it goes in order up to the top guys where it reaches that crescendo of excitement. Also what I have heard a few times from folks leaving early is that someone’s scheduled a tour bus for 6pm, or a flight or something like that. That always makes me question what kind of tours are setting these things up!!!! Because surely the tour provider should know the schedule.

      It really is expensive for people to go though – I think everyone wants to have the best atmosphere and for those folks unable to get seats (and the preorders through BuySumoTickets are already running low for Hatsu) – it’s ideal if fans, be they locals who want to be able to come, or foreigners who are really invested in sumo – can come and see the full day’s action. And also to take advantages of the resources that are provided both at the entrance of the arena (in english!) as well as through folks like Buy Sumo Tickets, and sites like ours, youtube channels like jason, etc & so on


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