Video of Wakaichiro’s Day 1 Win

Thanks to the magic of YouTube, we can share video of Wakaichiro’s day 1 match. Some notes

  • Heavy bandaging on the knees. These look like tape wraps over compression knee braces, similar to how Aminishiki secures his joints.
  • Low out of the tachiai, blasts straight ahead and overwhelms his opponent with speed and power. Excellent effort

We are looking for his second match day 3 or 4, and will bring you coverage as the Kyushu basho continues.

3 thoughts on “Video of Wakaichiro’s Day 1 Win

  1. The strapping is a bit worrying but our boy could not have bee more dominant. I do think that he has a shot at the yusho this time.

  2. His butt and thighs have gotten much more muscular over the last few months. That’ll help him a lot in the tachiai and make it easier to push his opponent around when he stays low.


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