Fan Favorite Ura Fights Day 1

Ura - Ikioi
We Stacked The Cars, Boss. You Wants Us To Wash’em Too?

Perpetual fan favorite Ura continues his campaign to return to the top ranks of sumo on the opening day of the Kyushu basho. After an excellent 6-1 record during Aki, Ura is ranked at Sandanme 33, and has a real chance of promotion to Makushita in January if he can continue his strong performance in November.

After taking months off for knee surgery, and enduring a slow and painful rehabilitation, Ura dispatched his opponents in September with speed and his trademark agility. For day 1 he faces Oguruma heya’s Sakaekaze, who hit a bit of a wall in the upper ranks of Sandanme, and has struggle for kachi-koshi above his current rank of Sandame 33 west. We expect the 150kg Sakaekaze will rightfully be able to ask the question, “What just happened to me?” following his match.

Tachiai will bring you details of the match, and results as soon as the are available.

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