Aki 2018 Jungyo Preview

Hello, all. The basho is over. Takanohana has left the building. Harumafuji has changed his hairdo. Names of new sekitori have been released. What’s left for us fans to do until the Kyusho basho starts in mid-November?


Relax, get a drink, and follow the Jungyo, of course.

First, here is a list of wrestlers who have gone kyujo from the jungyo. It’s a really long list this time, and almost half of Juryo is absent.


  • Takayasu
  • Tochiozan
  • Aoiyama
  • Kyokutaisei
  • Takanoiwa
  • Chiyomaru
  • Kotoyuki
  • Ishiura


  • Arawashi
  • Takagenji
  • Hidenoumi
  • Chiyonoo
  • Shimanoumi
  • Seiro
  • Mitoryu
  • Tokushoryu
  • Hakuyozan
  • Enho
  • Akua

Yes, indeed, Enho is absent, and therefore, there will be no daily Enho to complete each Jungyo report this time. My Twitter followers advise me to use Tobizaru instead, but the readers here are welcome to make requests, and I will do my best.

The Jungyo has already started today, but the thing is – it takes time for interesting videos to come up, especially as the Jungyo gets away from Tokyo. So I’m going to do the coverage at a day or two’s delay. Also, life may interfere , and I can’t promise to cover it day in and day out.

The Aki Jungyo usually covers the central area of Japan – Tokai, Kinki and Chugoku. The official schedule shows the exact locations. If you are newcomers to Tachiai then first, welcome, and second, take a look at my Introduction To The Jungyo to get the hang of it in general. The Jungyo locations will appear one by one on the Jungyo Trail Map.

Enjoy the Jungyo!

14 thoughts on “Aki 2018 Jungyo Preview

  1. How dare you prioritize life over the jungyo ;)

    I always look forward to your entertaining, and informative jungyo updates! I can’t wait to see what transpires on the road to Kyusho!!

  2. definitely happy with a daily dose of Tobizaru. other’s on my short list for you: Yago (of course, continue to build instant recognition amongst the unenlightened); and Tsurugisho (yes! he’s a funny fellow and would make a worthy ‘Daily Dose’ contender

    • I always thought that Chiyonokuni was a fine looking man but like many hetero-cis-males, I am often baffled by the conundrum of what ladies find appealing. I mean Endo? Justin Bieber?? Harry Styles???

      • I think your mistake there is trying to find what “ladies” find appealing. We’re a heterogeneous group. I don’t find Justin Bieber attractive. He has a pretty enough face, but no real sex-appeal. Same can be said for Endo. But first, Japanese taste may be different. In fact, it is different. Japanese go on about face size, which is not even a thing in the west. And teenage girls may have preferences that are different than ladies over 40 like myself. And then, even within those cohorts there are huge variations. We had a discussion about this on Twitter. Some of us lady sumo fans do not find rikishi to have any sex appeal at all. Some do find some of them attractive, but not the same ones! Personally, for example, I find Terutsuyoshi to be more attractive than Enho, although Enho is clearly prettier.

        • and being in the ‘mature age’ category myself, the ones i find attractive included being lovely gents, nice smile and have a kind nature – so my hit list pics are Yoshikaze, Yago, Kyokutaisei and Hokutofuji… in the looks dept they’re all radically different from each other. and of course there are others that come to notice that u can’t help but admire what’s in front of your eyes, Terutsuyoshi being one of them. I like a good humorous rikishi so u can throw both Chiyotairyu and Tsurugisho into that mix as well. guess i like a good lucky dip! LOL

  3. I’m surprise that some names aren’t there on the list. Like Tochinoshin and Ikioi. Especially Ikioi.

    I’m always a die hard fan of that strong and stalward samurai whose combattant spirit is unshakable.
    But seriuously, even sumo demi-god like him need to rest once in a while. And i think after his last basho performance, he direly need it.

    Beside isn’t he supposed to get married soon? ( Or it has been done already?)

    p.s: I would love to see some Ikioi picture in the Jungyo if there are any cute one.
    People say Endo and Enho are real japanese cuties, but in my opinion, Ikioi got quite the charmin look too. (His facial expression remind me a tiny tiny bit of the great and fierce handsom Chiyonofuji)
    If Ikioi isn’t followin a path in a sumo stable after he retired, i hope he’ll try his luck in the media side of sumo. Wether it’s television or something around that.

  4. Always look forward to your jungyo coverage as an antidote to sumo withdrawal. And unlike the basho, there’s really nowhere else to follow it, at least in English.


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