2018 Aki Basho Review

The 2018 Aki Basho is over, and I’m sure you’ll agree it was an incredible two weeks of sumo! In this video, I break down four major stories coming out of Aki and give a quick recap some breaking news making waves in the sumo world.

Video courtesy of the NHK Grand Sumo Highlights.

14 thoughts on “2018 Aki Basho Review

  1. That closing image (sanyaku in the dohyo) is great. Takakeisho is nearly invisible behind Hakuho and Takayasu. Poor little guy.

    • Hi dentay1612. Haven’t seen you lately, so let me take this opportunity…Didn’t our boy Yoshikaze do well!! I thought he was all washed up after last time. I was thrilled to see him excel.

  2. One little nitpick: the dohyo is not demolished until the preparations for the next Tokyo basho start. So Harumafuji’s ceremony is not going to be the last use for this dohyo before it is demolished (there is, for example, the All-Japan youth sumo championship, to take place at the Kokugikan in October).

    • Thanks for that info, I didn’t know they used the official dohyo for those events. I always figured they used the jungyo one so they could easily disassemble it whenever they do other events like NJPW.

      • As a matter of fact, the dohyo is set on a rising platform, and is hidden below the floor when non-sumo activities are held in the Kokugikan.

        • That’s amazing!!! As if the Kokugikan wasn’t cool enough already! It sounds like those theatres that turn into ballrooms by dropping the seats under the floor. I wonder if there is video of them raising/lowering the dohyo?

          • I’m sure there is because that’s how I know… I’ll fish for it later if nobody else beats me to it. By the way , the box seats – the ones separated by metal rails, hosting 4 people on zabutons? The are actually drawers, and they are pushed back under the “theater seats” when honbasho is over.

          • Here you go. This is time stamped for the relevant part, but really, the whole thing is worth watching, if you haven’t seen it already: How akeni are made, and the special combs used by tokoyama, and the hospital below the Kokugikan, and how Yokozuna’s ropes are made etc. etc.

            (Up to about 1:48 – after that the content repeats itself)


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