Ura Wins Day 11 Match

Ura Aki Day 2

Fan favorite Ura won against Sandanme 80 wrestler Kawamoto before noon on Wednesday at the Kokugikan. The match too a bit more effort than some of his previous bouts, but the conclusion was just as decisive. Sadly Ura dropped his second match, or there might be a serious chance that he would compete for the yusho.

With the win Ura improves to 5-1, and will get a healthy boost up the banzuke for the Kyushu basho in November. Video of the match below.

2 thoughts on “Ura Wins Day 11 Match

  1. As much as I look forward to seeing him in the upper division, I also hope his rise is not rushed. With that in mind, not being in the yusho race is not a bad thing.

    Slow and steady gives the knee a better chance of being ready when he dons that pink mawashi once more.


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