Sandanme Day 6 – Ura Wins, Wakaichiro Loses


News from day 6 action in Tokyo. After Ura’s day 3 loss, it was clear that the former rising star was not going to sail through his first basho with ease. His first match was a fluid attack reminiscent of Ura’s days in the pink mawashi. His performance of day 6 returned to that form. His fans will recognize his “submarine style” that relies on speed, flexibility and extraordinary balance. Ura advances to 2-1.

Less than 30 minutes later, Wakaichiro mounted the dohyo, and battled with strength against Amanishiki, but ultimately was pushed out. This drops Wakaichiro to 0-3 to start Aki. He will need to “win out” in order to reach kachi-koshi, which is still possible. His day 6 sumo was solid, on par with his performance at Nagoya.

Video of Ura’s win

6 thoughts on “Sandanme Day 6 – Ura Wins, Wakaichiro Loses

  1. For some reason, Ura’s opponent looked like he’d never done sumo before and had no idea what to do at the tachiai—actually, it appeared he was extremely nervous.

  2. Ura has done a little henka at the start of each of these bouts as if he is redicent to meet full on at tachiai. I’d say he is taking it easy to be certain he is healed before starting to power up the ranks. If so, I like the idea. He’s young, no need to hurry. Loved Wakaichiro’s drive and focus this bout! He’s clearly developing skills and getting stronger all the time. Go Wakaichiro!

  3. What time about does ura fight? We have tickets for next Friday and would like to go in early to see him. Will he still be competing then?

    • No way of knowing if Ura will be fighting day 13. I am going to try to get day-of tickets for day 13 myself, in hopes of seeing either him or Wakaichiro fight. He will normally have his match around 11:00 AM or so.


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