Yutakayama Goes Kyujo

In a surprise kyujo announcement, Maegashira 2 Yutakayama has withdrawn from the 2018 Aki Basho after suffering an elbow injury during his Day 3 match with Yokozuna Kisenosato. Despite the damaged left elbow, Yutakayama attempted to fight through the pain on Day 4 in a losing effort against Kakuryu. Never the less, Yutakayama and his Oyakata are hopeful that he will be able to return to action before Aki ends, should the pain subside. Goeido, his Day 5 opponent, will receive a fusen win, bringing his record up to 4-1. This is very disappointing news for the promising young rikishi, and everyone here at Tachiai hopes Yutakayama has a speedy recovery.

As of yet, there is no news regarding Aoiyama going kyujo after a fall of the dohyo left the giant Bulgarian limping out of the Kokugikan. We will keep you posted should any news develop.

4 thoughts on “Yutakayama Goes Kyujo

  1. Wow. I’ve re-watched that Day 3 bout a few times now and if it’s the left elbow, it must have happened at the very end of the bout as Kis took him down. Yutakayama kind of got his left arm twisted as he fell. If it’s the right elbow……….I have no idea when it occurred.

  2. “Left elbow injury” is all we are going to get for now. As with Kyokutaisei, there would be no point coming back for a couple of matches at the end. I think we’ll either see him back in a couple of days or not at all. Would 0-5-10 be bad enough to drop him back to juryo? I would have thought that he would land down at about M13 but I’m no expert.

  3. bleedin heck! i’m with u Tigerboy1966 – nothing short of a full and complete recovery – even if it takes time – don’t want them doing more damage by being rushed….. have they learnt nothing from Ura and Terunofuji?


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