Aki Day 6 – Wakaichiro and Ura Compete


Both Sandanme rikishi face opponents on day 6, with both stepping onto the dohyo for their third match. Wakaichiro is in dire need of a win at 0-2, and Ura looking to recover from his middling 1-1 start.

Ura faces Sandanme 09 Tenichi, who is also at 1-1. Tenichi is a 40 year old veteran who spent 81 tournaments in Makushita, with his highest rank being Makushita 10. This guy is no push-over, but his age and damaged body has relegated him to Sandanme.

Wakaichiro faces Sandanme 73 Amanishiki who is also 0-2. Amanishiki is from the Hakkaku heya, and is coming back from an outage following an injury, where he dropped down to the lowest division of Jonikuchi and is battling his way back up.

We will (as always) have results and video for these matches, and we hope both rikishi fight well and exit the dohyo with a win.

One thought on “Aki Day 6 – Wakaichiro and Ura Compete

  1. I wonder what motivates a rikshi of Tenichi’s age and rank to stay in sumo; IIRC, he’s not getting a salary or anything like that. Is he an assistant for a rikshi he really likes and admires? Or is it that it’s as good a way as any other to get three meals a day and a roof?

    And apologies to the senior wrestler, but I hope Ura takes him out to the woodshed and the match is over in a blink ^^;;; The sooner I see Ura on top-division clay again, the happier I’ll be.


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